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  • Lady of Easter says
    That... No. They're saying it's 'mental illness too', and being autistic myself, I'm like 'dafuq?' I wonder, since he was on medication, if something was just driving him wrong.
  • Blau
    i have a mental illness and i play violent video games - i don't want to go kill people.
  • Sook ★ Belle says
    Well I also heard someone say that he went to gun ranges and that's why too. Why can't we just say what it is he's a psychopath.
  • Blau has
    a feeling that "mentally ill" is politically correct way of saying "psychopath"
  • AZL
    Goes to gun ranges too and the last thing i wabt to do is use my gun on anything other than paper or maybe some beer cans
  • Lady of Easter says
    I was gonna say -- I'm autistic and I play video games. Do I wanna go shoot people? Noooo. I'm a gun-friendly and aware person. I KNOW not to do that. I CARE too much to NOT do that.
  • Sook ★ Belle says
    blaurascon: well its vague and stupid. I honestly don't care to pc about a guy who is evil enough to kill little kids
  • Blau
  • Blau
    pc might make you seem... nicer. but there's a huuuuge jump between mentally ill and batshit crazy.

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