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  • Shay says
    (cozy) her babygirl
  • ღ Jammy ღ
    What happened? Talk to Jammy pats chest for you lay your had on
  • Sook ★ Belle says
    Well my car broke down and I woke up late for my psych final. So I missed my final and now ill have a 50 in the class if I can't get a hold
  • Sook ★ Belle says
    Of ny professor which so far has been unsuccessful
  • Kat
  • Kat
    we're gonna get you some pizza and send you good vibes
  • Aleesi
    omg, that's terrible (cozy) hopefully you can get that worked out : (
  • Sook ★ Belle says
    I hate this I'm about to break down and my dad is all don't cry we will figure something out which is making it worse. I am so mad at myself
  • Lady of Easter says
    Breaking down isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it helps us get some new perspective.
  • ღ Jammy ღ
    I say break down and scream and cry it all out!
  • Sook ★ Belle says
    I will once I get home and find out if my truck is done for or not

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