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  • Kat
  • Sook ★ Belle
    no i just have to pass this western civ test with a b or higher and I can exempt from my western civ final! I will only have 2 exams to take next week!
  • Sook ★ Belle
    azraelR: i am! we just so happened to finish math lessons earlier which is why we took our final early...sad thing my 78 score was the highest score of the people who took the first try of finals on thursday
  • Sook ★ Belle
    although i am scared about my speech cause i can't find the info i wanted ot find as easily as i thought i would
  • Easter Bunny
    you're smart, you'll do just fine.
  • Sook ★ Belle
    but i can't find the info on the likelyhood of kids who are around dog fighting will pick up criminal activities to go with the abuse that the person does the dog and there is none and i'm all :'-(
  • Sook ★ Belle
    cause idk what else to talk about other than stealing dogs to use as bait dogs and then the abuse on the dog being trained....oh i guess i could talk about the gang aspects....nm figured it out

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