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  • Lyric/Aubrey says
    when you were a kid? Well.... wish no more :-) It's happening!
  • Lyric/Aubrey says
    We are in process of opening up the BEST SL McDonald's EVER! And we are hiring teen's as servers! If you're interested in applying please IM me on here or in world on Lyric Lysette.
  • SoHawtSL says
  • Lyric/Aubrey says
    Built like a TRUE NEW McDonalds!!!!
  • Jillღ
    So awesome - the kids will love it!! Also Lyric, I have been IMing you for months in game about a photo, are your IMs capped?? lol
  • Honey.
  • [MeL]☆[Bai]
    Ermahgerd! Would you hire someone who only plays like weekends lol
  • Lyric/Aubrey shares
    JillCaldera: Yes'm either that or I crash alot when first logging on LOL PM me on here girlie :-)
  • Jillღ
    omgosh so cuteeeeeeeeee
  • Honey.
    IMing you in a second!
  • Klitourus
    ahahaha awesome. too bad im no longer a teen D=
  • ::Bryony:: loves
    their chicken selects... (blush)
  • emmi♔sutton
    i would love to have my teen work there!
  • Lyric/Aubrey says
    carlysle: Awesome!! IM me in world and will get an application over to ya :-)
  • ::Bryony::
    Please have the sweet chilli dips, too!
  • Jillღ
    Sent :-D the PP
  • .Apples
    amazing mamas!

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