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  • Sook ★ Belle says
    They are represented in the story all while at work...also I had to read this damned story in hs why am I being tortured with it in college?
  • Liq says
    And also the cage. Js.
  • Liq says
    I've never seen one lol
  • Blau
    beowulf :-D
  • Liq says
    We don't put our dogs in crates here lol
  • Aleesi
    oh look, so civilized in New Zealand
  • Aleesi
    or should I say civilised
  • Aleesi is
    that even correctr
  • Liq says
    We put them in like box type things sometimes to move them.
  • Liq says
    A crate would probably make it easier to clean if they didn't have access outside
  • Liq says
    Beowulf would understand (nottalking)

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