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  • Tanarian says
    I wish I could have supported that one!
  • Tanarian wishes
    she knew some people the right target age for them.
  • Tanarian
    [giggles] One of Goldie's friends is "Ruby Rails".
  • Stereo Nacht
    Too bad both my goddaughters are too old for it... But it does look like a very good idea!
  • Ereh says
    Ruby Rails? :-) :-) :-)
  • Corgi
    Isn't that hilarious?
  • The Robot Nika
    looks at the toy in awe "I love how it incorporates the story element."
  • OmShantiMyfi
    I forwarded info about this to the teacher I work with, said they need to get one of these for every classroom in the elementary school. :-D
  • Ahnyanka
    I loved her research in discovering that girls read more and boys do more. So incorporating the stories is not only brilliant for a consumer add on marketing viewpoint, but also stimulates young female minds.
  • Stereo Nacht
    Well, the girls, on average read more, perhaps, but some girls are more try-and-make, and some boys are more read-and-words... But... Yeah.
  • Samm Florian
    Mebbe it could work in reverse too: encourage makers t'do more readin'.
  • Samm Florian
    ain't sure she likes th'pinkness of it, but mebbe it's jes the necessity of its pinkification that I don't like.
  • Ahnyanka
    Yeah... I'm not a big fan of pink, but it would definitely attract the eye of my kiddo on the shelf.
  • CaribouKen
    I''m glad she's avoided the pink stereotype. Even though this is targeted at young girls, there will be young boys who will enjoy these too. Maybe they'll even have science adventures with their sisters!
  • Samm Florian
    Although this allergy that boys have t'pink things is somethin' we oughta be fightin' too.
  • Tanarian
    [knew] a rock guitarist once who used hot pink picks for just that reason. Skinny little blond fellow.
  • Samm Florian
    Some company oughta make th'most advanced robot dinosaur EVAH…and have it only come in pink. (devil)
  • Liam Bean
    I don't like pink, but I don't like the taboo against pink either. I can see the point of using pink on that toy, but it will likely keep boys away. I haven't seen a boy toy like that.
  • Samm Florian
    True, but since we're refusin' t'accept th'fact that girls don't wanna go into science, we should also refuse t'accept the fact that "pink will keep boys away". It seems trivial, but it enforces th'stereotype…
  • Samm Florian
    …that some things are fer boys and some fer girls. Once kids discover that they're great at applyin' it everywhere.
  • Samm Florian
    Mebbe this isn't th'toy fer that particular battle, though. :-)

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