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  • Berry says
    Tried Exodus, regular viewer and firestorm. Same.
  • Winter says
    your Mum is now trying to log in as you?
  • Winter says
    and hmmmm do you do a cc cleaner or something occasionally? I always find that helps with SL issues - dont ask why
  • Autumn Ashdene says
    I can't stay in, my inventory loads and then I crash. I've submitted a ticket and an answer on the forum. Follow it here:
  • April
    I've been ok all morning
  • Berry says
    It's happening on my alt and berry though. Well now I've been on berry for a bit, let's see if I crash again.
  • Lindsay
    I seem ok so far. I just got on
  • Misha
    my sis was having that issue last night
  • Shai Delacroix says
    its tiem for a video card drive update!
  • Jullie
    I had this once, I had to log in through another computer and character test cause it was a bald base gone wonky
  • Mari says
    No issues like this here
  • Harper G. says
    this was a few hours ago, but no problems here.
  • Berry says
    ok this just happened to me like 10 times in a row in 3 different regions within a min of logging on:

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