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  • Berry shares
    Meshbytespertriangle: 128
    Meshmaxconcurrentrequests: 128
    MeshminimumByteSize: 1
  • Berry shares
    It's been fine since then.
  • Elf
    that was what i was looking for!!!
  • Berry says
    Grazia2: yeah just put it in your plurk. Thanks for reminding me to share it. <3
  • Berry says
    (LOL) wasn't me this time. I'm just sharing what helped me out a lot. I had weird issues going on. Seems to be smooth since I did this.
  • Berry says
    (LOL) <3
  • Hempy
    Berry for Prezident (dance)
  • sunny
    but i heard that raising the meshmaxconcurrentrequests would increase lag (for you and others) and that you should leave it at default?
  • sunny
    or if you are having issues, to temp raise it until the mesh shows up and then put it back to the default?
  • sunny shares
    so maybe try to change that number to less than 64 and see if your issues are still fixed?
  • Lauryn Martell
    I walk with meshmaxconcurrentrequests at 1000 lol and I have no lag
  • Berry says
    therandomslife: I didn't realize it may cause issues. It hasn't for me as of yet. I'm rarely laggy, even at events.
  • Berry says
    But I'll try putting it lower and see. I think the default was 30 something.
  • Rune☆Gaston
    usually I do meshmaxconcurrency at 500. Don't want too many open pipes.

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