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  • Peri Snow
    Aww, I loved Gnubie
  • NeNe has
    been wanting something like this to happen for ages lol not for me obviously but I sometimes get asked to help peeps & I think it'd be good
  • Renee says
    totally would. That store was the best!
  • Le Pumpkin says
    Noobs need pretty stuff
  • Isabelli
    yes, I can put some poses and thingsd from junior's store too (old male items)
  • ADDY
    I would have when I made stuff, and I will if I start up again, great idea
  • Espresso says
    if it came back, I'd want it to actually be GPL friend the way it was originally conceived (GNUbie)
  • Espresso says
    another store, meant to be noob friendly (like Free Dove, but up to date) would be great too. just don't call it GNUbie
  • Ivey
    I would for sure
  • Ivey
    Espresso is right on the name tho. If it's not associated with the original, would probably be better accepted with a diff name
  • Adorkable says
    I totally would.
  • Katey
    I would LOVE to contribute!
  • Hempy
    I would! ~ THat would be awesome!
  • Hempy
    I assumed since the way she said it, was associated with the original. ?
  • Vaki
    Oh my god, GNUBIE STORE.
  • Ulaa
    I was talking to Barnes about it and the original folks that ran it just arent much around anymore I guess? Anyhow, I was toying with the
  • Ulaa
    idea of running it, or something similar, I understand the original GNUbie store was meant to help with a few FP items and such to help
  • LVLE Cyclic
    Oh I would TOTALLY be up for that!
  • Ulaa
    others learn to work with, I could be wrong but thats the jist of what I got from my convo with Barnes.
  • Ulaa
    Though not entirely sure that in THIS day we want to put our things FP out there, they will only wind up boxed and solf on the
  • Ulaa
    marketplace by some jackass looking for money
  • Ulaa
  • Ivey
    I don't remember much that was full perm from the Gnubie store, a few things. I remember getting a full perm wheelchair there lol
  • Vaki
    Over the years, the Gnubie Store moved away from its Gnu roots, it's true. But it always had full perm items.
  • Ulaa
    Mainly it was the GNU textures and Barnes and Ingrid had some things in there.
  • Ulaa
    But certainly even WITHOUT it being GNU related it would be fun to do
  • Vaki
    I still have all those GNU textures. And I use them regularly in building. I AM NOT ASHAMED.
  • JellyBelly
    What a great idea...I would help for sure. I used to love the Gnubie store as a newb!
  • Bells
    i would, but I don't have a big store or anything.
  • Krystal/Kouse
    Not sure about full perms, but I'd put out something for noobs.
  • GropeNinja
    I would for sure. I just put stuff out at the phoenix/firestorm groups sim for under 30 day noobs (or well alts iguess)
  • hc.
    I would
  • #Trin
    count me in
  • Ulaa
    Oh_Ohna: Wouldnt need to be something new
  • Asa Akira
    I would put something given some time
  • *. Meme says
    Idk if gnubie would take houses but I would do a couple of homes maybe!
  • Ulaa
    _meme: Aww, while I know a lot of the people going would be alts, keep in mind that many will be real noobs with no land or tiny parcels
  • Ulaa
    to start, so maybe just low prim skyboxes or a basic cottage, something small to fit a 512 is all I think would be needed
  • *. Meme says
    Yeah :-( I wish I made cclothes lol
  • NeNe says
    yeah something small as some noobs might buy land or use it at a sandbox to take pics

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