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  • |moka|©
    good news!! i love PC eyes!! (dance)
  • AngelTzara
    MokaTana: same! YAY I was so happy when lano told me!! I cannot wait to get to see the other eye colors!
  • Sam
    Nice picture Angel :-)
  • Naniel says
    gorgeous eyes :-D
  • .penny.
    My life. I'd stuck with PC eyes for years until Mayfly released their mesh ones. I have a feeling PC is about to win me back <3
  • AngelTzara
    Naniel: oh yes, I cannot wait to see the other colors!
  • AngelTzara
    PennyNexen: from what I saw today, I will tend to agree with you. Mayfly are amazing & I got few pairs myself, but my heart is with PC.
  • Miyani
    Oh dear gods, those are pretty. I like Mayfly and Fashism a lot too, but PC have been my favorites since my first month on the grid.
  • AngelTzara
    CantarellaMiyani: same, I have been wearing the PC eyes for ages. As soon as I know more on the release date, I will let you all know!
  • Keliah

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