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  • Espresso says
    what i hear on skype: "awww yeah.. wearing alll the fishes." "fuck yeah ultra rare fish.. wearing that one bitches"
  • Espresso says
    "oh that one blows bubbles. it looks like i have gas. yeaaah"
  • LVLE Cyclic
    That is exactly what I do when I go fishing!
  • Espresso says
    "oh yeah, getting all the jellyfish up on this"
  • Espresso says
    "making a fashion statement. oh yeah"
  • Kat
  • Espresso says
    "tigershark, you're not so special anymore are you. gonna detach you."
  • Raynee
    i have this huge folder of fishes from like 3 years ago... I was thinking of deleting it. Maybe we should have a fish night at the Bean!
  • Luna Jubilee shares
    cuz he's brown ... and looks reallllly cranky
  • Raynee
  • Marii says
    Omg hi5.
  • Isabelli
    I deleted my fishes a long lkong time ago

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