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  • DMom2K
    High school lunchroom behavior from people who should know better.
  • ♥ Alicia ♥ says
    Overextending myself by signing up for too many events to blog. LOL
  • Juniper♫Arwyn
    Misinterpretations of statements because tone is difficult to express through text, people who misrepresent themselves.
  • Lauryn Martell
    Only when I'm not inspired and can't find anything to blog about
  • ~Fin
  • Ulaa
    Feeling like I need to constantly have something new and not keeping up.
  • Chestnut
    within SL? nothing. On SL related Social Media? many things. I should write a post.
  • El Firecaster
    Feeling like I am letting my designers down if I can't post as much as they (or I) think I should...
  • El Firecaster
    AND/OR feeling like a designer is not happy with what I have done....showing no appreciation or even acknowledgment.
  • Tymmerie
    I get stressed from social things - not being more popular, not having a close group of friends in-world, etc.
  • Kala says
    when LL gives us stupid deadlines or introduces something without proper warning or breaks something
  • NeedleNerd
    The day SL stresses me out is when it's deleted of my hard drive.
  • NeedleNerd
    I get annoyed like anyone else, when there's lag, for example, though. But I'll just go do something else instead.
  • DMom2K
    Great post, Chestnut.
  • Chestnut
    Thanks! I appreciate that
  • GiannaBorgnine
    great post Chestnut, and thanks everyone with for sharing your thoughts with me.
  • DMom2K
    are we all destressed now?

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