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  • eastcoastlife says
    You will. Watch for it. Sorry it has to be under wraps. We have some serious info leak.
  • 黑衣人 says
    be patient... we still have a lot of work to do. :-)
  • eastcoastlife says
    yes.... I'm flooded with calls n emails as I plurk. I'll get back to EVERYONE! This is so exciting!
  • 【河蟹 14】 says
    xizor2000 [at] gmail [dot] com, I'll wait patiently for the male.. erm.. I mean, meal... erm... mail. bleh...
  • eastcoastlife says
    haha.... I want male.... erm meal. (LOL)
  • IGP says
    non-blogger can join?
  • The (H)(B) says
    But how u all know who to invite?
  • His Food Blog says
    isn't the association for all bloggers? why the need for invitation?
  • His Food Blog says
    so what guidelines are the invitation based on?
  • 【河蟹 14】 is
    eagerly waiting for the FAQ. Then all questions will be answered. :-)

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