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  • msakiya says
    expression :-D
  • TheNanny612 says
    To have a "say" in something.
  • sociallydistressed says
    To help others experiencing the same problems I have experienced.
  • sarahcada says
    for documentation. and share stuff for people to learn from, while i'm at it.
  • coqui2008 says
    provide a service
  • gl3nnx says
    to promote my freelance services (s_tongue)
  • Rhett says
    to share
  • Adheeth says
    to share,index certain things,the feeling,money and meet new friends
  • lolagoetz says
    for my horrible memory, and at times, a loveletter to my son. and because i just have to write. it's many things.
  • Adheeth says
    also rather than using a portal system i use blogging coz of the easiness compared to portal systems
  • definatalie says
    I like my subject matter and I want to be part of the discourse. Also for self promotion and to promote the artists and designers I like.
  • Sarcastic Mom says
    it helps with the verbal diarrhea. I'd say it's for my mental health, but it probably benefits my husband's mental health even more. ;-)
  • ProBlogger asks
    great reasons everyone - would you say that your #1 reason has changed since you started?
  • definatalie says
    yes, I've discovered there is money to be made. But I have nfi how to really monetise
  • flashman says
    because I want other people to share my point of view. but changing opinions on the internet is hard
  • flashman says
    hence i rarely blog any more because it just leads to arguments
  • coqui2008 says
    I first started mine as a way to adjust to a new country - then realised that it was also providing a service
  • Rebecca says
    for the opportunity to meet great people!
  • Teej says
    because my friends are sick of hearing my stories.
  • DamonClifford says
    to share the information I know. It also helps me learn more about specific topics and from the feedback I receive on my blog posts.
    To support a game I love, and launch several businesses based around the blog.
  • northrock
    so far it's been to learn....soon to be for a living. ;-)
  • ablenetdesign says
    I enjoy it, I am changing the direction of my personal blog a bit allow for more general blogging
  • jamesduthie says
    to ensure a constant evolution of my knowledge of the online space. In other words, personal development.
  • BradyV says
    I blog because I enjoy discussing a variety of topics.
  • ScrapNancy says
    I started out as a way to do something for myself with a small child as SAHM, now it's turned pro, to make $$$
  • TerenceChang says
    To record my life and find happiness.
  • jeffmccord says
    problogger must get a billion karma points because you plurk more than anyone I've ever seen.
  • DebInAustin says
    I really enjoy new media, but a it is still new to PR people in our community, since I get asked about it, I decided to start a blog.
  • rjleaman says
    it's my job and it's my hobby - how lucky is that? :-)
  • deew27 says
    mental health, fun, documenting my children's lives
  • DaisyOlsen
    It's hard to build credibility as a blog developer unless you actual blog yourself. I like working on blogs more than posting to them, tho
  • oro says
    because I can't think of anything else to do!
  • Snorkelbuddy says
    sometimes I have a hard time expressing in writing what I am thinking, so need practice; the more I practice, the easier it gets
  • rudolf51 thinks
  • Chris Hinton says
    personal interest - I enjoy the subjects I blog on and hope that others might find it interesting too.
  • silky thinks
    his head would explode if he didn't write down all those stupid jokes.
  • natedriver says
    its the only way I can be creative and learn new things
  • Liz Marionga says
    i like to talk about photography
  • ChangeForge... says
    msakiya - completely agree... I have thoughts to share and want to hear (read) others thoughts as well...
  • Jargenhunter feels
    that it makes things easier for others, info in one place
    For financial freedom
    all the other nicer sounding goals are right under that however ;-) being the best StarCraft 2 blog in the world muhaha
  • arshad says
  • mitsuhiko
    because i can use it to share things i stumble upon and announce changes in my projects :-)
  • phantasm says
    To motivate other freelancers and designers
  • Lar says
    For Business
  • minademas says
    for the love of technology!
  • sandossu says
    blogging is something that I like and if I can earn money from what I like, then I'm a happy man.
  • phantasm says
    sandossu there you go - make money doing something you enjoy that is the ticket :-)
  • Jeanine says
    for an outlet
  • junyor is
    still trying to figure plurk out
  • revyd
    to improve my writing and by extension my communication skills
  • NeverSmell wants
    to find other people who were born without the ability to smell and to entertain/educate anosmics and olfies alike.
  • otherdeb says
    Because I've learned some stuff along the way and want to share it
  • amsall is
    Blogging has now become part and parcel of my marketing system. Let the conversation flow!
  • MsSingleMama says
    to share what I've learned about being a single mom - it's not easy! The extra money and perks are nice, but really - it's about expression.
  • acnatta says
    to share
  • acnatta
    to answer your second question - no, the reason hasn't really changed from day one, just the type of information shared
  • cpons says
    i enjoy writting
  • mwilton13 says
    It started as a way to communicate my happenings with friends and family, now it's my outlet for everything I do
  • Ginkgo says
    I have to write. I can't not write, and a blog is a good place to let it out
  • vickya says
  • Ginkgo has
    not had the primary reason change, but a lot of additional reasons have been added
  • juliemckown says
    I can't NOT write, and this gives me at least a shot at an audience. :-)
  • LostZombies says
    it doesn't get my hands black like a newspaper
  • shotokan is
    Because I enjoy writing.
  • Makkina says
    to share and make idea growing
  • catepol says
    to share what I know and what I find, to communicate something that could be useful and interesting for others.And because I have a big ego
  • hatkirby thinks
    blogging is fun
  • uberdev says
    i skipped having a number one reason. i'm working on my second reason which also isn't looking very good
  • Despil says
    I like to write.
  • RaaVi says
    Beacuse that's what I feel:-)
  • Dean L. says
    because I love writing, and blogging allows my writing to reach a wider audience, thus making a happier me! Ad revenue doesn't hurt either.
  • Stan says
    one of my #1 reasons is for the Web 2.0 :-(assignment...

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