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  • ThinkingSerious thinks
    ob81 is right. For now, its the new gadget that has us all infatuated.
  • JonathanFields says
    plus, i like that it refreshes automatically
  • doshdosh says
    maybe its just because Plurk is a novelty for now + Twitter outages have turned many from reading updates regularly..
  • miketighe thinks
    that if twitter outages continue and Plurk doesn't start sucking and gets an API - it won't be just a trend.
  • LindaZ thinks
    it is both the outages and we are among the early adapters, trying to figure out if this will be the latest and best SM tool
  • cheapsuits feels
    the jury is still out. Easier
  • tamar says
    i still don't do the @ thing on twitter very often.
  • codemonke says
    I have been trying to slowly move away from Twitter, hopefully this will be my saving grace, so far so good
  • annhandley
    Smaller is better, in a way... at least, I'm finding it is here.
  • AdamDesAutels
    Very true... Still a "small" community though. Might change with more users :-(
  • andrewburnett
    the beauty of a "small" community is the relevance of the users though ;-)
  • doshdosh says
    small is cosy, cosy is comfortable and comfortable is more usage for me.
  • charlieanzman says
    Might (will) change as Plurk evolves
  • yogini says
    twitter is way over-rated

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