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  • THErapist sinasabi
    ABA! nakakuha si Rick Astley look alike!
  • jayDJ sinasabi
    problema mo dati tix, ngayon sobra ka ng tix. LOL!
  • Rainbro Dash sinasabi
    I knew I was gonna get two tickets. But recent events mean my original date is now an impossibility.
  • Micamyx sinasabi
    huwaw (woot)
  • jayDJ sinasabi
    sama kami ni aileentastic ! kaya lang kami yung date nun. mawawalan ka ng tix..LOL! enjoy the concert! REPREZENT!
  • Rainbro Dash sinasabi
    I think I might have a friend go with me. Sure as hell doesn't count as a date, though.
  • Rainbro Dash sinasabi
    Which again leads me too... date preferred.
  • jayDJ sinasabi
    mistervader sorry. attend ako wedding ng HSclassmate ko later.kung ala lang lakad,di ko tatanggihan yan! hehehe! im sure youll find someone
  • Rainbro Dash sinasabi
    Haha. It's okay. I hope I'd find someone nga.
  • Aileentastic sinasabi
    oi! di pwede siya lang!!! hehehe
  • MrsTee sinasabi
    me me me!!
  • MrsTee sinasabi
  • Rainbro Dash sinasabi
    Unfortunately, good friend Cami Dalusong is my pseudo-date now... if you can call that a date. Lol.
  • MrsTee sinasabi
    lol haha. have fun!
  • Arpee sinasabi
    i'm happy for u pre! you finally got the rick astley tickets
  • macaronigirl sinasabi
    aaack gusto ko sana!

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