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  • Ric says
  • th13rteen says
    SU randomly bans high traffic sites sometimes
  • Gabiru says
    This is not good. But I guess they'll lift the ban soon
  • kuanyin says
    Wow--that's too weird! :-(
  • lucioribeiro
    th13rteen how do you get that?
  • th13rteen says
    like sometime ago i wanted to stumble something on DP forums and it said that it was banned
  • Cindy Thomas says
    I just saw it... they are SO wrong to do that to you!
  • FreelanceTwins says
    Keep us informed if things change, This is very interesting
  • th13rteen says
    i'll go look into it and make a blog post about SU banning sites
  • lucioribeiro
    Problogger + Digital Point? Thats wrong
  • lucioribeiro
    13teen thats great, do it and I digg it
  • DebInAustin says
    that's awful. Do you know why?
  • AbleReach says
    sometimes people who are out to get "marketers" will report marketing related blogs/bloggers as spammers. They travel in packs. Not cool.
  • honeydo says
    that's mean of them.
  • th13rteen says
    @ lucioribeiro thanks. i'll do it ASAP.
  • Joankr says
    I registered my complaint -- how ridiculous of them!!!
  • awakin says
    that freakn' lame; I can sense a boycott (s_angry)
  • lucioribeiro
    awakin - let's diig 13rteen post
  • th13rteen says
    okay i think i know why problogger got banned. it was because of the social media love thing
  • vangogh says
    That;s crazy. I actually stumbled a handful of ProBlogger pages this morning, but they had previously been submitted so there was no problem
  • th13rteen says
    SU thought you guys were exchanging stumbles which is not allowed
  • superpaul says
    huh?!? problogger is banned??
  • Te-ge
    suspects it's from the love-in. Didn't you have a list of stumblers on that?
  • sarahintampa says
    why on earth? bizarre! that sux!
    but th13rteen, simply hosting a list of ppl connecting on a *variety* of social services isn't the same as creating a vote exchange. far...
  • th13rteen says
    dotlizard right now that looks like the only possible reason. i'm not sure. but maybe SU has an automated system and that banned problogger
  • lucioribeiro
    or may be some batch sumission by a user using 3th parties or scripts?!
  • Gabiru says
  • emsgeiss says
    what? that's effed up.
  • th13rteen says
    but hey problogger gets enough traffic already. doesn't matter if he doesn't get a few stumbles
  • jamesduthie says
    That's friggen crazy!
  • esonline says
    dugg. Wonders why SU won't at least explain their actions?
  • AbleReach says
    I sent an email, too. Good luck with this.
  • MJinCali says
    pretty lame stuff if u ask me
  • ProBlogger says
    looks like SU have decided to act
  • Ginkgo wonders
    how bad the butt-chewing will be for whoever made that descision - esp now that it's been dugg
  • flashman says
    I just successfully stumbled your article, I think...
  • Ambo says
    i was banned 4 times! huh
  • MJinCali says
    hey D - so you on or off?
  • bloggeries says
    lol don't mess with the mob!
  • Jonas Brothers says
    glad they fixed their error right away
  • oliviabell says
    congrats on sorting it out, Darren. *hug*
  • MapleMama says
    glad you are back up!
  • ツ Mike says
    Glad to hear it is worked out. I don't see the definite reason you were banned in your two posts. Was it the love-in?
  • Eswar says
    Stumble - STUMBLED!!!
  • ganns says
  • treypennington says
    a well told story with a good ending. Very glad Stumble was willing to listen, engage, and correct.
  • Laurel Plum says
    I'm glad this is all worked out now

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