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  • vangogh says
    guess no one is feeling creative today
  • dlarson104 says
    usually in the afternoon after a mid-afternoon celebrity gossip break. early morning is for knocking out all the little tasks
  • vangogh says
    interesting. For me it's almost always late at night. The more tired I get the more creative I seem to be
  • toddmintz says
    early morning
  • oatmeal says
    in the morning right after I've had large quantities of caffeine (seriously).
  • randomnicole says
    really late at night. which sucks, because i have little people here who get up really early :-&
  • Xazos says
    late in the night when its quiet or early in the morning
  • mwilton13 says
    Lately between the hours of 6am and 8am
  • Blessed says
    when I'm in the middle of something that I have to get done...
  • JanetSutton says
    most of the time it's late afternoon. mine it more of an emotional thing when I'm under pressure
  • vangogh says
    I think it's interesting how we all find creativity at different times.
  • TheRandomMuse says
    after sundown, I'm useless during daylight hours.

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