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  • Camping Lisa says
    I have prayed for your Aunt Vicki
  • tjshay wishes
    Aunt Vicki and you the best possible outcome!
  • gkat says
    speedy recovery.
  • nnorris says
    your family will be in my prayers.
  • SDSherry says
    Also in my prayers - all of you!
  • KarinB says
    Adding Aunt Vicki to my prayers. She is lucky to have caring family.
  • metaweb wishes
    you all well, sorry to hear that.. :-o
  • coolcatteacher says
    She is a nurse so she knew what was happening and got to hospital w/ anti clotting med. Having trouble seeing out of one eye.
  • McTeach says
    Wow! Reminds me of the Jill Bolte Taylor story! Glad Aunt Vicki got to the hospital quickly!!
  • ✿honeymic says
    so sorry to hear this!
  • fceblog
    It's so important to act quickly. Recovery depends on that.
  • Durff asks
    can i favorite or bookmark this?
  • dstall
    prays for your Aunt Vicki's health & healing
  • Sr_Mary is
    praying for you and your aunt.
  • coolcatteacher says
    durff, you can click plurkpage in bottom right corner and then favorite the plurk page.
  • coolcatteacher says
    Thank you all for your prayers, I'll keep up updated. For now, Mom is going to TN tomorrow.
  • coolcatteacher says
    They had a stressful weekend, just buried Granny's sister Aunt Gray over weekend. Mom & Aunt Vicki are exhausted.
  • coolcatteacher says
    Just found out she doesn't have feeling on one side of her body. She has two kids in college.
  • Sr_Mary asks
    what's plurkpage? Will it let me "favorite" my plurks?
  • Loonyhiker says
    oh no! keeping you in my thoughts and prayers
  • KarinB says
    think positive thoughts, with early intervention (which she had with the meds) and therapy, she has a good outlook for recoveryl
  • coolcatteacher says
    sr_mary - on the bottom right corner of a plurk it says "plurk page" - click it - it is an updated page on the conversation.
  • cleisure says
    your family will be in my thoughts. Keep us posted.
  • elainej wishes
    you and your family rest and comfort. Praying for you all.
  • lorisheldon says
    sending thoughts and prayers your way
  • wsigele
    sending positive energy and prayers your aunts way!
  • Shoemap says
    Sending thoughts and prayers your way!
  • mmossman
    hopes for a speedy recovery.
  • izzitright shares
    good thoughts and prayers for your Aunt and her extended family.
  • jasonwrites wishes
    the best for Aunt Vicki!
  • Durff says
    feeling could return over time-it is the brain that one prays is permanently unharmed
  • datruss says
    Positive thoughts are with you Vicki!
  • dedra gives
    prayers and love your way!
  • coolcatteacher says
    I don't have an update. Thank you for all of the prayers. My family and I r going to prayer room @ church 2night.
  • techtiger
    sends prayers and good thoughts.
  • nhill says
    thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
  • ✿mrscoggin✿ is
    thinking of your aunt and your family. (s_cozy)
  • milasunshine says
    just read about your aunt, Vickie. Sending good vibes and thinking of you and your aunt's speedy recovery! How old is Aunt Vicki?
  • coolcatteacher says
    Aunt Vicki is not yet 60 - young. She is paralyzed on one side, having trouble seeing out of 1 eye - in ICU. Wll take rehab 2 walk.
  • coolcatteacher says
    We went to the prayer room tonight w/ our whole family to pray for her and Mom's and Dad's trip up.
  • fceblog
    thinking of you and your family.
  • RobinEllis is
    thoughts and prayers Vicki for your parents safe travel and for your aunt's recovery
  • cfox2 says
    all of your family is in my thoughts and prayers.
  • cfox2 says
    beautiful post.
  • Teryl says
    coolcatteacher...let me know if there is anything I can do for your family here--u know I am not far from your aunt!
  • Durff asks
    if there is any news this morning?
  • KDNeville says
    I will pray for your Aunt Vicki.
  • coolcatteacher says
    This morning Mom and Dad are driving up to Tennessee, Aunt Vicki still paralyzed on one side. No change.
  • mrplough07 says
    Wow, that really stinks. Will keep your family in my thoughts.
  • dmantz7 says
    the family will keep your in our thoughts/prayers.
  • missgladish is
    keeping you and your family in my prayers. Your Aunt Vicki is blessed to have such a caring niece.
  • coolcatteacher says
    Thank you so much! Aunt Vicki is a living miracle at this point - they say w/ 1 year of hard work you won't even be able to tell she hd it!
  • coolcatteacher says
    And she walked today with help! Moving to rehab today! We are amazed and yet we know Who is in charge of this miracle!
  • coolcatteacher says
    I told her that if she got healthy I'd finally learn to water ski for my 40th bd - so I'd better get ready!
  • SDSherry says
    I am so happy for all of you! I would like to see the water ski pictures!
  • Teryl says
    coming to East TN to ski next summer? The TN River is always full of boats as I'm sure you know!
  • techtiger says
    that is fantastic news!
  • cfox2 is
    so glad to hear the good news
  • Skip Z says
    cct-Blessings to all of you!
  • KarinB is
    thankful for the power of prayer, so happy to hear that they already have Aunt Vicki up and walking.
  • KarinB asks
    coolcatteacher, have you seen the TED video of Jill Bolte Taylor when she talked about her stroke recovery? Very inspiring!!
  • nnorris says
    coolcatteacher I am so happy to hear about your aunt. Your prayers were answered.
  • ✿honeymic says
    So glad to hear your aunt has improved.
  • Durff thinks
    she wants pics of Vicki waterskiing!

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