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  • mrichme says
    a combination of tools- Jott, Remember The Milk, Google Calendar, and IMified.
  • langwitches says
    Google Calendar, Jott, Remember the Milk
  • kgard says
    Google Calendar
  • CereseG says
    Google Calendar
  • McTeach asks
    so I'm guessing I should try Google Calendar?
  • kgard says
    Its great
  • kgard says
    love it for the text and email alerts
  • dedra says
    goggle cal with my google homepage... the GREATEST
  • SDSherry says
    I use iGoogle with my calendar, email, RSS feeder in same place
  • TechNorth says
    if I can get iCal to sync with Google calendar, that would be great.
  • techtiger says
    I love the color coding in Google calendar.
  • bknittle says
    ical on mac and .mac (now mobileMe)
  • the TIRED guy loves
    iCal, and wishes he could get more things to work well with it. As for lists... TextEdit.
  • Eloise says
    iPhone calendar (more than iCal really) and sidenote for lists.
  • tamlinares says
    google calendar and jott.
  • bookjewel
    I like zoho planner's to do list; I have a link on my igoogle homepage
  • KarinB says
    I've been using Palm for years, now need to move to iCal or ???
  • coolcatteacher says
    I'm loving remember the milk, google cal, timebridge, and jott they work together amazingly well!
  • cfox2 says
    I am with you beil. Guess I should look at some of the suggestions above.
  • mathtrain says
    Been using Jott with Google Calendar for several months and can't live w/o them.
  • SDSherry says
    I made each of my children set up Google calendars and share. Now I always know where they are!
  • milasunshine says
    Google calendar and jott. Jott is connected with my work e-mail and the cell. Google is in my gmail acc. Both send the reminders! It works!
  • LParisi says
    I have a google calendar set up for each member of the family. I know what all are doing.
  • techjulia says
    I like Google Calendar but I can't get it to sync with my Blackberry...any suggestions on getting that to work?
  • AuntyTech shares
    I love 30 boxes - calendar and to do list feature (and 30 boxed creates unique calendars from multiple feeds....)
  • KDNeville says
    I love tada lists. Keep one for my husband, too!
  • KDNeville says
    I still love my paper calendar book, though.
  • cevanoff says
    Google Calendar, Jott - and good old post-it notes
  • drlaurienAL says
    palm smart phone and post it notes
  • coolcatteacher says
    Great suggestions here -- I like the paper call but the tag feature in rmember the milk is cool.
  • dstall says isn't too bad; mostly I use outlook since we have an exchange server at work
  • heza says
    even though I love tech and all these cool tools, I still find the most effective method for me is paper and pencil for both lists and cal.
  • KarinB says
    I'm currently moving from palm calendar to iCal, but have to print it and hang on calendar for hubby :-)
  • ellenquilt is
    I'm a Google Calendar girl.
  • coolcatteacher says
    dstall I've loved airset but they are going to start charging this fall for scyching more than one cal.
  • cairnsco says
    How do you sync google calendar and ical?
  • wsigele
    I use iCal and would LOVE to know how to sync with Google Calendar! please share imcguy
  • fceblog says
    Google Calendar. Colours and all.

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