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  • khokanson thinks
    in order for students to see more relevance in their education it needs to be more relative to their world
  • andreablanco says
    I agree! The more authentic, the better. That's why PBL and inquiry based works so well.
  • brueckj23 feels
    students need to have a voice in deciding where their learning should go and teachers should find a way to relate that back to the standards
  • the TIRED guy says
    I agree with all of the above. Also, schools need to stop thinking that blocking sites will keep them from having to teach net safety.
  • elainej thinks
    good teaching will naturally incorporate standards. Focus less on standards and more on connecting to the world in which we live.
  • elainej thinks
    Even better (maybe), focus on the world in which we could live.
  • GingerLewman
    stop tracking kids by age. Allow more flexibility in time spent there. No, actually, STOP using Carnegie units and stop handing out tenure!
  • Yurkwi shares
    I did a SMART training in a district today that had so much blocked I am concerned about the web 2.0 training in a few weeks.
  • elainej thinks
    one of the most significant deficits is the disconnect in teacher education programs.
  • brueckj23 says
    I agree with GingerTPLC and tenure! Eliminating unions would be an other suggestion. If teachers want to be treated with the same respect as
  • khokanson
    agrees with peregrinator and not just teacher ed programs / admin programs. Listen to chrislehmann if the leaders don't get it....
  • the TIRED guy says
    yurkwi, my current district actually gives trainings on how to use services that the next district over actively blocks.
  • Yurkwi thinks
    its crazy that they are paying me well to come inservice on things that they won't allow people to use!
  • elainej says
    i attended that session and EduBloggerCon and felt like a bobblehead I was nodding so much.
  • brueckj23 says
    doctors and lawyers, they should form their own peer governing bodies to grant licenses
  • nhill says
    to expand the boundaries we need help making connections, where to get started. Tools no problem, inspiring learning?
  • nhill says
    would love to see more knowledgable students mentoring others like many other educators help me! :-D
  • techtiger says
    it is amazing that most of the time the blocking decision is left to 1 or 2 people w/o input from teachers.
  • coolcatteacher says
    Great feedback. 4 me it is: embedded pd not binge pd, people 2 help teachers implement technology
  • coolcatteacher says
    and an ethos of kindness to beginners, which I think we are all working on.

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