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  • metaweb says
    Melissa was much older than her face told. She had been planning this for a while now. The time was right ... just as she had imagined.
  • metaweb says
    (next person please add the following story chunk)
  • nnorris says
    she was confident because her family was near. They had always been so supportive
  • Skip Z
    Still she questioned, was it the right time, am I the one who can do it?
  • pdonaghy says
    Deep in her own thoughts, she didn't notice Brian enter the room.
  • fceblog
    Brian was tall, slim and still kept that mysterious look, which was the secret of his charm.
  • BethRitterGuth is
    But, she wasn't concerned with him; she was worried about the thing under her chair.
  • mindelei
    She was aware of it immediately, there was a disconcerting heaviness all around her.
  • cbuckybeaver
    Fear rooting her in place, she was too frightened to look, scream, anything at all. Seeing the frozen look on her face, Brian laughed.
  • ✿honeymic
    "Relax," he cooed in a smoky voice. "I put in there just for you."
  • milobo says
    Brian's look of surprise gave her the confidence she needed to carry out her plan here and now, before the others had a chance to interfere.
  • Skip Z
    Melissa knew as she pulled out the maglock and turned the door handle quickly, that, once the rest were locked on the other side of the door
  • ✿honeymic
    she could deal with the unexpected "gift" under her chair without involving others.
  • bookjewel
    The real problem was going to be her Aunt Maree's reaction to the whole situation. She tended to faint at the first sign of excitement.
  • lizbdavis
    Brian watched her exit, leaving his gift behind. I guess today wasn't the day to propose, he thought, tucking the blue box in his pocket.
  • LynDragon is
    On the other side of the door, Melissa breathed a sigh of relief as she thought about how to now put her plan into action.
  • ✿honeymic
    She knew she could never give herself fully to Brian until she dealt with the current situation, no matter the danger or the cost.
  • ✿honeymic
    She thought he understood that, but could never stay angry at him for long.
  • ✿honeymic
    "I only hope he understands the meaning of the ring I switched out of the blue box," she thought, while idly touching the sparkling diamond
  • ✿honeymic
    she had tenderly hung on her necklace and which lay right next to her heart.
  • metaweb
    Then as id from nowhere, Dante entered. His arrogance filled her. And then she remembered -- everything ...
  • mindelei
    She couldn't believe how fast things were changing. Life used to make sense, but she felt as though she was questioning everything she knew.
  • nononi
    If Dante was going to continue to disrupt her life with his houdini-esque reappearing acts, she would never be able forget what had happened
  • BethRitterGuth
    because it was the scariest moment of her life.
  • ✿honeymic
    Reminding herself that she had her family's unwavering support, and registering that Aunt Maree was nowhere in site, she knew the time had
  • ✿honeymic
    come to act. She withdrew the knife from her tunic and blinked as the light from the chandelier ricocheted off it's tip. She turned her
  • ✿honeymic
    feet towards Dante, and took the first step towards her destiny.
  • jasonwrites is
    Dante's gaze met her own and his widened eyes revealed a strangely swirled combination of bemusement and mild terror.
  • sharon_elin
    "Oh, dear! Yes, of course. This is Aunt Maree's heirloom ham slicer, and here I am about to bloody it." She flung it in the sink, disgusted.
  • mindelei
    If only she had realized that it wasn't really ham in the slicer, perhaps lives would have been saved!
  • lisibo
    Instead, she grasped the standard lamp and angled it so that the light blinded Dante.
  • sharon_elin
    "Sing!" She shook the light at him and he winced and backed away. "Sing, Dante, like your life depended on it!"
  • pdonaghy
    "No Dante!" cried Aunt Maree, as she rushed in. "Whatever you do, don't sing!!!"
  • milasunshine
    but Dante, as always, did what he was forbidden to do. The room filled with his strong and beautiful voice. And suddenly...
  • tarakbr
    the beautiful voice stopped and the man burst into tears. Sobbing, his begging eyes turned to Melissa

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