Snorkelbuddy check out this interview with one of my favorite writers, she is a wonderful person; she drove 1-1/2 hrs. each way two different times to come & visit our book club
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Snorkelbuddy R.I.P. James Garner
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JavaWinters - thought about you when I saw this on Tumblr today!
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Snorkelbuddy Do you like classic books? This site has 100 free classic books for Kindle, but you have to share the link
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Dear friends, I have been watching the adventures of this pup for the past 6 months and loving every story.
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Snorkelbuddy Look at the beautiful bookmarks I just got from Franklin Mill for my team members! I can't decide which one I want to keep for myself!
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Snorkelbuddy Happy Birthday to DirkMcKeenan
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Snorkelbuddy Fitbit sync server has been down for 3 days now! UGH! #fitbit #nosyncforme #3dayswhataretheydoingoverthere?
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Snorkelbuddy Me making a "small" green salad: hmmm, what do I want - let's see some baby carrots, and a small handful of those sugar snap peas, oh & a few stalks of celery and there is only a handful of broccoli left, so I
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Snorkelbuddy So I got 14,842 steps in yesterday & most of them were in my kitchen! The only time I left the kitchen yesterday was to go to the grocery store for more stuff to cook! #fitbit #sorefeet #noroominthefridge
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