snorkelbuddy Yesterday
can I just say that formatting & editing a word document created by someone else is a PITA? UGH!
snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
woohoo, great day at work today! Went on sales calls with my boss, then a Chamber of Commerce event & got some solid leads! I'm stoked!!
snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
Just bought: AlterWorld (Play to Live: Book #1) - looks like a good one for free today!
snorkelbuddy shares 1 weeks ago
(lmao) seen on Tumblr:
snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
Hubby & I go to this local restaurant all the time & they all know us and know that we usually eat at the bar, tonight we got a table & everyone we saw said "wow, eating at a table??" Had to laugh!
snorkelbuddy 2 weeks ago
So this is what is happening at our hose today, old shower and tub coming out!
snorkelbuddy shares 2 weeks ago
After working on it for the last 2 months, I'm really liking my back office work space.
snorkelbuddy 2 weeks ago
Yay! Please welcome Brassclockwork to my timeline!
snorkelbuddy 3 weeks ago
Ok, this is just fucking cool - 10 houses "printed" in a day for under US$5,000
Rors + Loh'Ki 3 weeks ago
Postcard people on my TL - If any of you on my TL have wanted to send Amy a postcard PLEASE send it in the next couple of weeks! These need to get to me in time for the album to be completed. I sent reminders
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