Boobuddy 27 minutes ago
Did you know that NASA has a whole library of space sounds & you are free to use them? Find them here
Boobuddy 2 days ago
had to get a tooth pulled today, shots are wearing off & now it's starting to hurt - ouch! (sick)
Boobuddy 6 days ago
Hurricane sunset!
Boobuddy 1 weeks ago
Welcome db4dawn to my timeline!
Boobuddy 1 weeks ago
Does anyone know why NL495 (otherwise known as Miss Chris) deleted her profile today? :-(
Boobuddy 1 weeks ago
Don't forget the Apple event today!
Boobuddy 2 weeks ago
7 of us went camping for the weekend & came home yesterday sunburned, tired & unshowered and covered in salt from the last swim in the ocean but had so much fun! We ate too much food & drank too much beer &
Boobuddy 3 weeks ago
Question for you guys: How do you turn on/show line numbers in TextEdit on Mac or can it even do that?
Boobuddy 4 weeks ago
OMG, I think my head is going to fall off; I have a cold and a headache that has lasted 3 days now...