snorkelbuddy Yesterday
cleaned out my closet & set off a full-blown allergy attack when I shook out some shirts that had fallen on the floor - achoo!
snorkelbuddy Yesterday
The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: A Novel is on sale today and it's a wonderful book!
snorkelbuddy 2 days ago
thought about making cookies for my book club meeting tonight, ended up making buffalo wings instead
snorkelbuddy 4 days ago
Doctor Who book on sale for 1.99 at Amazon: Doctor Who: Engines of War (Doctor Who: New Series A...
snorkelbuddy 5 days ago
Look what I bought for my office!
snorkelbuddy shares 6 days ago
ArianaSz: here is today's stupid
you're welcome...
snorkelbuddy 4 weeks ago
Grr, Plurk again is only counting about 1 out of every 4-5 responses of mine X-(
Amy (Scarlet) 1 months ago
Gift card/credit give away! Since Plurk has been just so incredibly giving today, I thought I'd add a little to it as well!
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Rors + Loh'Ki 1 months ago
Ok why not. L$1000 gift cards (store credit) up for giveaway for Christmas. Can be used in either Zanzibar creationZ or Kidz Clozet. Leave name below, nominate someone, replurk etc :-D
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