I think we all have a lot to say about her, and it might be nice for someone down the road to let her family see firsthand how many people she's touched. There's a website called "groupcard" I don't know
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snorkelbuddy Yesterday
I have been on full tilt for 3 full days now & have 3 more to go, I'm beat and my allergies are really bothering me - I just want to go to bed already!
snorkelbuddy 3 days ago
long day was long! My team & I are doing a room-to-room quality check on every single PS3 in a >1200 room hotel which started today and will continue until either we are done or Saturday whichever comes first
snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
Well, Fuck! Went to put away my glass bowls that I use all the time for cooking & dropped 3 out of 4 on the floor shattering them into tiny pieces
Nutcake 2 weeks ago
Anyone on Twitter, this is for Amy, could you please retweet this tweet to Nathan Fillon? Read the tweet, you will understand :-) Becca on Twitter
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SySy says 2 weeks ago
Folks on my TL with twitter: please Retweet this. It's important! Becca on Twitter
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Space Hamster 2 weeks ago
If you have tumblr and or a twitter can you please consider spreading this around. Please and thank you.
Becca on Twitter
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Ƀɍɨɇ 2 weeks ago
Replurked: ALL of you on twitter. This is for Amy, please can you retweet this message to Nathan Fillion?? Becca on Twitter
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