Snorkelbuddy has Yesterday
been in the kitchen most of the day, we are having friends over for dinner tomorrow night and since I have to work, I thought I would do some of the cooking today; I made an apple crisp, popovers & butternut
Snorkelbuddy 2 days ago
Wow, we have such good friends! A friend of ours who is here on vacation, come over yesterday and helped (read: did most of the work) my husband lay tile downstairs - they got half of that huge room done
Snorkelbuddy 4 days ago
Forgot to tell you all, we have snow on the mountains! I didn't take pictures yesterday but I'll try to find a couple on a news site to share
Snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
We had an "adventure" early (as in ~3:30 am) this morning; I kept hearing something that sounded like someone digging in the rocks under our bedroom window, looked outside but couldn't see anything and I know
Snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
You are not alone. People do care about you.
Holidays are rough.
Suicide Hotline 800-273-TALK (8255). A simple copy and paste might save someone's life. Would 3 of my friends please copy this post??
Snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
RIP Mickey Rooney, you were one of the good ones
Snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
:'-( RIP Florence Henderson! 2016 needs to take a chill pill!
Snorkelbuddy is 2 weeks ago
anyone else watching the new series "Mars"? Just watched the first one last night, it is very well done! I love that it incorporates what is really happening now into what could happen in the future
Snorkelbuddy 2 weeks ago
Happy birthday to JavaWinters! I hope you have a wonderful day!
Snorkelbuddy 2 weeks ago
Ok all you smart Plurkers, what is Plurk time hop and how do you turn it on?