Snorkelbuddy can you identify these fruits & veggies - cool stuff!
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Snorkelbuddy shares my sister posted this pic for national siblings day
5 days ago 5 responses
Snorkelbuddy Ok, I'm feeling really dumb; I bought a new KitchenAid stand mixer today at Costco & I can't figure out how to get the bowl off to wash it
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Snorkelbuddy has the bestest friends in the world! Had a work situation come up that I needed help on, several of my friends gave up a camping weekend to help me on Sunday
1 weeks ago 10 responses
Snorkelbuddy just found out BluRay decided to upgrade their encryption code, so if you have a PS3 player, you need to update the software to play the new BluRay movies; I have about 3000 in the field right now
1 weeks ago 4 responses
Snorkelbuddy has anyone heard from NL495? Chris, please let us know you got home safely!
1 weeks ago 9 responses
Snorkelbuddy 6" chef knife from mfg in France - shipping $26; same knife from Amazon 3rd party - shipping $5.80; and people ask me why I (heart) Amazon so much
1 weeks ago 3 responses
Snorkelbuddy power went off about 3 a.m., of course the battery backups started screaming so I had to get up & turn them off; finally got power back about 6:30 this morning
1 weeks ago 6 responses
Snorkelbuddy ate too much today, had friends over to watch several of the previous seasons GoT & then the new one; we had BBQ ribs, green salad, fruit salad, chips, and double chocolate brownies!
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Snorkelbuddy shares saw this on FB this morning:
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