Snorkelbuddy So, a friend of mine & I are thinking about going to BlizzCon in November; we are looking for costumes, do any of you know a good place to rent them from? BlizzCon is going to be in Anaheim, CA
12 hours ago 8 responses
Snorkelbuddy you guys will never believe what happened to me today - I went to the ATM to get some cash to pay for my haircut, as I was putting my card back into my wallet, it slipped out of my hands and landed upside down,
2 days ago 13 responses
Snorkelbuddy shares Seen on Tumblr today from American Express:
3 days ago 3 responses
Snorkelbuddy ok, off to shower & get ready for a long work day; PYL! Happy Saturday to you all!
4 days ago 2 responses
Snorkelbuddy I know a few people that I would love to give this Easter Basket to! (rofl)
6 days ago 3 responses
Snorkelbuddy can you identify these fruits & veggies - cool stuff!
1 weeks ago 5 responses
Snorkelbuddy shares my sister posted this pic for national siblings day
1 weeks ago 5 responses
Snorkelbuddy Ok, I'm feeling really dumb; I bought a new KitchenAid stand mixer today at Costco & I can't figure out how to get the bowl off to wash it
1 weeks ago 5 responses
Snorkelbuddy has the bestest friends in the world! Had a work situation come up that I needed help on, several of my friends gave up a camping weekend to help me on Sunday
2 weeks ago 10 responses