Snorkelbuddy 3 hours ago
It looks like the clean install of OS X is going to work, I was able to restore all my documents from yesterday's backup!! Now just copying over the applications I need
Snorkelbuddy 7 hours ago
So, it was Monday; computer wouldn't boot and then my car wouldn't start
Snorkelbuddy 17 hours ago
This is going to be my week:
Snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
How bad is Ryanair to fly? Are they sketchy/unsafe? Round trip from Dublin to Edinburgh
Snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
Happy Birthday to Brassclockwork!
Snorkelbuddy 2 weeks ago
off to my carpal tunnel surgery, wish me luck!
Snorkelbuddy 1 months ago
Guess what I did today?? I bought our tickets from San Francisco to Dublin!! Now, I have to get us from Hawaii to SFO which will be easy. We are going a couple of days early & spend some time with my MIL
✩♥Sparklies♥✩ says 1 months ago
I need some help I have been asked to teach a class to teenagers at an risk school on some financial life skills. Format & content are up
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Snorkelbuddy 1 months ago
I need your help, I'm thinking of hurricanesandteacups, ArianaSz, Saffpots, turbulent and anywhereexcepthere - hubby & I want to take a 3 week vacation to Scotland/Ireland/Isle of Man; what are the must
Snorkelbuddy 1 months ago
What is your favorite snack/cookie that can be purchased? I've been tasked with taking goodies to one customer per week and I want to find something different. I've ordered a NatureBox and signed up for a year