snorkelboo shares 2 days ago
Afternoon Hawaiian sky
snorkelboo 3 days ago
watched Love & Mercy last night, he really was a genius when it came to music
snorkelboo 4 days ago
just made the most terrific flat bread with tapioca flour, I had to walk away from it because I could eat the whole thing!
snorkelboo 1 weeks ago
Ugh - Transferred money to my granddaughter 2 days ago for her birthday yesterday via PayPal, her PayPal shows $0 balance & $0 pending; sent a help email yesterday, no answer from them yet
snorkelboo wishes 1 weeks ago
anubisdarkwatch the happiest of birthdays!
snorkelboo 1 weeks ago
Hubby neglected to tell me that the paint that Home Depot thought they were out of, was actually on the shelf - so as soon as laundry is done, I have to go paint at the new house
snorkelboo 2 weeks ago
I wrote a review on Amazon today for a keyboard vacuum - I said it neither sucked nor blowed and since it was a vacuum that was supposed to suck & blow, that made it both suck & blow; they deleted it
snorkelboo 2 weeks ago
RIP Yogi Berra! Your witticisms will be greatly missed!