snorkelbuddy 6 hours ago
Woke up at 4:15 a.m. wondering why hubby was taking a shower in the guest bathroom because I could hear the shower running, I got up and started toward the door when hubby rolled over in our bed & the shower
snorkelbuddy 16 hours ago
Did you know there are 12 people in the world dedicated to keeping penmanship alive? Check out this writing: Meet One Of The Last Master Penmen On Earth.
snorkelbuddy 23 hours ago
Woah - these Octopuses are serious about protecting their territory: WATCH: Octopuses Appear To Take Up Arms As Submarine Warfare Esca...
snorkelbuddy Yesterday
who wants to go to the grocery store for me? I have a list made & everything!
snorkelbuddy shares 3 days ago
This is what's coming toward us, 1st one is projected to hit on Monday
snorkelbuddy 4 days ago
Need some wow in your weather? Check out the new wow such weather
snorkelbuddy 5 days ago
My Fitbit Flex died (2nd one) so yesterday I got a Garmin Vivofit. It's a little bigger than the Flex, but easier to read during the day - I have to see if there is a backlight for night time
snorkelbuddy 6 days ago
Today in a nutshell: 1st account, touch screen wasn't working, replaced it with known good one from my office; 2nd account - moved 3 kiosks (one at a time) from one tower to the other 2 towers because they are
snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
this is how my weekend has gone: Friday night, I get an email saying one of my kiosks is not responding. I went down on Saturday morning and it was working fine. Saturday night at 9:00, I get a call from