Snorkelbuddy 13 hours ago
Survived the ferry crossing from Armadale to Mallig, we will catch the steam train at 2:10 to Ft. William. Have more stories from our Skye trip!
Snorkelbuddy Yesterday
Do we look presentable?
Snorkelbuddy 3 days ago
Me and hubby in front of the current courthouse in Inverness today freezing our butts off!
Snorkelbuddy 3 days ago
ArianaSz, thought about you today when I saw this
Snorkelbuddy 4 days ago
Hey, I had a crumpet this morning! (mmm)
Snorkelbuddy 5 days ago
Got a couple of funny stories for you.
1. Woke up the other morning early so was reading, hubby woke up and asked what time it was, I looked at my Kindle and it said 4:30 pm (Hawaiian time,
Snorkelbuddy 5 days ago
On a train from Edinburgh to Inverness!
Snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
I promised pictures last night, but was too tired to post them. Here they are from yesterday in Dublin
Snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
We are in Dublin! We arrived this morning and got to our hotel, then took a long nap. Now we are off to see what we can find!
Snorkelbuddy 1 weeks ago
At the Kona airport for the first leg of our adventure!!