bee boop 5 hours ago
Free until Wednesday. I shall proceed to go into a coma at home
bee boop 5 hours ago
Still at work. May as well see if I can lay back and nap
bee boop 9 hours ago
[cw: CAPSLOCK HISTORY] Its 1 am. I'm probably going to be here all night. AND A PROMISE IS A PROMISE SO LET'S TALK ABOUT FRANZ FERDINAND
bee boop 17 hours ago
Here comes another long night!!
bee boop Yesterday
FREEDOOOOOM until 5 pm. Niggggght
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Ok ok its 215 let's see if I'll stay until 6am let's go
bee boop Yesterday
12 hours at work
bee boop Yesterday
[airlocked] Ok I really need to start working on Fin's app
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