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Early bed because stupid circadian rhythm still hasn't adjusted
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[failout] So, does anyone want to do a meeting to sort of start things off for the tabletop? Character building, meeting time possibilities, etc.?
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[failout] Also, I've decided that I'm going to use the BESM/SM system for the tabletop, because the other systems were a tad complicated for me to get
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[rp] Man, its not every day I can use the word scumble in this context. And use it in my fun rhymes.
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Bedtime. Work in the morning
because ART Yesterday
Also also, I apologize for my seeming lack of not being here this weekend. My niece's birthday party was today, so I ended up spending a lot of time with that
because ART Yesterday
Also also, I think Homura's cat form change is going to happen as a result of the plot starting this week, because she'll be becoming more monstrous...
because ART Yesterday
[stream] Also, if things go right tomorrow night, I will try and do FDR: American Badass once more
because ART Yesterday
I imagine that in future games Don might be in, he has his Pokeball with him...and anyone who gets a hold of it will have a means of controlling him.