Valletta 3 weeks ago
Valletta 2 months ago
anyone interested in trading Glam Affair (LeLutka Heads) Mila appliers?
Valletta 2 months ago
but whyyyyyyyy "second life unable to connect to a simulator"
Valletta 7 months ago
ugh, nearly forgot how annoying red cloud issue is.
Valletta 10 months ago
I played this gacha way too much, if anyone wants/needs the laundry basket or wall sconce (wall lamp), lemme know & it's yours! []
Valletta 11 months ago
any recommendations for a low prim plain (non-decorated) Christmas tree? Or if anyone knows who makes this one? []
Valletta 1 years ago
is it Sunday yet?
Valletta says 1 years ago
Valletta says 1 years ago
vacations are never long enough. However it is nice to be home!