Magda K 12 hours ago
Merciful heavens - Jane the Virgin just had the WORST, BESTEST wordplay ... how did they get that by the censors??
Ceejay Writer says 2 days ago
Amazon's got "The Flight To Brassbright" on sale right now. The paperback is $9.60, down from the regular price of $12.00, plus shipping costs.
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Magda K 3 days ago
I cannot hear myself think here at the Greek Festival. Luckily, I came here to party.
Magda K 3 days ago
Now's a good time for a Tom Hiddleston interview, yes? Yes. Tom Hiddleston: ‘It’s impossible to go through life without exper...
Magda K 4 days ago
Climbing out of the TED hole, I found this: Transcript of "You can grow new brain cells. He...
Magda K 4 days ago
I fell down a TED hole and found this: How to beat loneliness
Qwis shares 4 days ago
Love letter to Ruth Bader Ginsburg for National Poetry Day
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SecondLife shares 5 days ago
Wildstar Beaumont braved PaleoQuest and brought back this amazing ‪#‎SecondLife‬ snapshot.
Second Life Pic of the Day 10/07/2015
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Magda K 1 weeks ago
Philip K Dick is love. Love wrapped in bizarre, potentially alienating enigmas. How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later