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has a happy conniption So chrome, so shiny ... johnthemod1:
WITNESS ME!!! | ninety seconds, motherfucker
OldeSoul says 3 days ago
We are platinum !!! Totals Page Thank you to the fine folks of Junkyards and our dear friend Bard Wasp !
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Magda K 4 days ago
A creativity whinge. Enter at ye own risk.
Magda K 4 days ago
Watching the group tango lesson at Folklife. Curried goat for lunch. Wandered thru the festival & picked up artsy/hippie tees & hoodies. Taking an extended break from allergens.
OldeSoul shares 5 days ago

Come join us at Junkyard Blues Club - Second Life Maps | Junkyard Blues
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Magda K 6 days ago
According to GM, you're merely licensing the software in your car from them. General Motors says it owns your car's software
Magda K 6 days ago
For science-loving friends - a whole blog about Denialism: denialism blog - Don't mistake denialism for debate
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So far ... menopause bites the wax tadpole. More bluntly, it sucks donkey {REDACTED} afflicted with elephantiasis of the testes.
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Loving this story: Ginga
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Next time you use PayPal, check to see where the monies are coming from. CFPB Takes Action Against PayPal for Illegally Signing Up Consume...