Magda K 2 hours ago
I will have to look back for some time to see the last time I did over 10k steps.
Magda K 3 days ago
I am having Mandatory Fun tonight.
Trompe Loeil shares 5 days ago
[] Uber July! Summertime nostalgia on lazy river rafting trips - the Afton Raft Travel Set is ready for adventure! Animated non-vehicle raft, bedroll, chair, props, AO maps & more!
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Qwis 1 weeks ago
Of interest to fans of Steampunk (and Girl Genius) Vintage Tomorrows
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Magda K 1 weeks ago
All of this talk of Pokemon Go has put me in mind of the wonderful Bettina Tizzy. I'd love to read her thoughts on AR hitting the big time now.
CocoaJava says 2 weeks ago
A 'novel' cookbook, featuring foods enjoyed by characters in Lori Alden Holuta's novels set in her fictional country of Industralia. Steamed and Steamy… and Yummy | CocoaJava
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Magda K 2 weeks ago
So, in the midst of everything else ... this: https://blog.devcolor.or...
Magda K 2 weeks ago
Need some cheering up? Here is some Idris. Idris Elba's Latest Photoshoot Is Here To Brighten Your Day