Magda K 36 minutes ago
Instigator-steampunk catgirl-actor. (!!!) Recorded an audio play, and I think I like it. No details on distribution yet.
Magda K 2 days ago
Sadly, not going to the Locus Awards this weekend. Too much going this weekend + getting my fandom on at Wester-GearCon.
Magda K 2 days ago
I know there is plenty of shock and outrage to go around, but this makes me giggle: []
Magda K 2 days ago
If I didn't know that MrVolare & Fogwoman didn't run this company - I would think they ran this company: Evil Supply Co.
Magda K 2 days ago
And the Brits are leaving the EU. Dang.
OldeSoul says 1 weeks ago
- should prove to be a great time for all!
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Bronxelf 1 weeks ago
Ding.(a very special) egg is done. This egg is currently being auctioned on ebay for charity. Eggrotech Egg: A Pulse of Memory
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Magda K 1 weeks ago
Lightly stunned re: Microsoft buying LinkedIn.
Magda K 2 weeks ago
Philadelphia, I am in you!