Magda K Yesterday
Slowest jog ever. 11:45, 3046.85 ft. No stopping. (rock)
Magda K 2 days ago
This looks so awesome. Outdoor Macbeth in Paris, set in WWI, with elements of Romeo & Juliet between the Macbeths. Shakespeare, Jazz and Summer Nights Under the Oldest Tree in Pari...
Magda K 2 days ago
So. Very. Geeky. And now I miss The X-Files ... Scully Likes Science
Magda K 2 days ago
Slow jog, since I messed up my neck somehow (unrelated to running), which is messing up my sleep. But - 10:27! Went 3:55 the first leg without stopping! (dance)
Magda K 2 days ago
looks in Oh, there's a Plurk!
Magda K 6 days ago
"Groups like Supertramp and the Eagles seem soft, in large part, because the snare is so drippy and mildly used (and not just because elves are apparently squeezing the singers’ testicles)."
Magda K 1 weeks ago
Bwahahahahhahahaha! Weird Al debuts the video for "Mission Statement" at, quite appropriately, the Wall Street Journal: 'Weird Al' Yankovic (@alyankovic) wraps 8 ...