Magda K 1 weeks ago
The history of space! (in typesetting, that is) How I Came to Love the En Space
Magda K 2 weeks ago
Kubo & the Two Strings is a beautiful movie & LAIKA should take concerns over diversity in voice acting seriously.
VJervil says 2 weeks ago
Well I have spent most of my day sitting and waiting, but as I brought my laptop... New Samuel Sloan!!! Detective Samuel Sloan: Crime and Gravity Part 4
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Magda K 3 weeks ago
At the movies, about to watch Blazing Saddles on a really big screen. \o/
Magda K 3 weeks ago
A thing I have in common with 2 incredibly accomplished women: The Big Failure That Hillary Kept Secret for 30 Years
Magda K 3 weeks ago
Thank you, Mr. Wilder, for oh so many laughs. Pure Imagination - Willy Wonka
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Magda K 1 months ago
Would anyone like to own a weekly newspaper in Vermont? Home
Magda K 1 months ago
Interesting take on Vancouver's housing market (not sure how accurate it is): A City of Empty Towers