Magda K H/T to Otenth - a new translation of Psalms - Velveteen Rabbi: Coming soon: Reb Zalman
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Magda K For those of you writing science fiction & fantasy: 10 Science Fiction And Fantasy Stories That Editors Are Tired Of ...
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Magda K Warning to all my friends who watch Game of Thrones: careful what you read before you watch the ep. Just as bad as last week, if not worse.
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Magda K Easter dinner: slow-cooked lamb; roasted small potatoes, parships, onions & shallots; roasted asparagus w/ minced shallots; gravy from the roast drippings; buttermilk rolls from the market.
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Magda K Watching The Little Mermaid for the first time. Yeah, I know, I'm lame.
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Magda K Happy Easter, to all its celebrants! And a lovely Spring Sunday to all others!
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Magda K Not sure how true this is, but interesting to think about:
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