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Happy MLK Day to all of its celebrants, and a good Monday to all.
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So my readers do not feel completely ignored. January Update.
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If you use autofill in your browser, you may want to turn it off: Browser autofill used to steal personal details in new phishing a...
Magda K 2 weeks ago
Onward to trial for Star Trek fan film: Lawsuit Over Star Trek Fan Fiction Flick Headed To A...
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This is life: "It will hand you spicy when you want mild and mild when you want spicy because sometimes too much fulfillment softens you, and makes you unappreciative for the random grace of unanswered prayers." POPEYES IS PERFECT AND YOU ARE THE PROBLEM
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This is good. At least, for right now: House Republicans drop rule change gutting ethics watchdog
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Have I mentioned that you should see The Arrival? I mean you and you and especially you but maybe not you, but definitely you in the back.
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Happy New Year!