Magda K 19 minutes ago
I had no idea. According to Sanrio, Hello Kitty is a cartoon girl. Wait, Hello Kitty Isn't a Cat?
Magda K 53 minutes ago
Saying goodbye to summer at the Blue Mermaid tonight: Caledon on Sea, 7 pm SLT
Magda K Yesterday
I am sorry I missed this. Then again, I don't know many little girls I could gift with these (keeping the Bessie Coleman for myself). Miss Possible: Dolls to Inspire Girls Across Generations
Magda K 2 days ago
Pfui. Was ready to make the plunge into Bioshock, via the Steam Sale on the triple pack ... but only one is for the Mac!
Magda K 3 days ago
Impromptu 5-hour Games of Thrones-themed dance - intense. (It was impromptu for me because the scheduled DJ had a major malfunction - jumped in with 4 minutes' notice)
Magda K 3 days ago
Finally got a piece of this out of my head. Now, back to writing smut. The Night Carnival