Magda K "Groups like Supertramp and the Eagles seem soft, in large part, because the snare is so drippy and mildly used (and not just because elves are apparently squeezing the singers’ testicles)."
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Magda K Bwahahahahhahahaha! Weird Al debuts the video for "Mission Statement" at, quite appropriately, the Wall Street Journal: 'Weird Al' Yankovic (@alyankovic) wraps 8 ...
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Magda K Whoa. Just one scene from the TV show Rectify, and I'm tearing up and holding my breath.
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SecondLife shares Premium gift airship and premium account promotion is happening now!
Limited Time Offer: Save 50% on Premium Membership and Get the Ne...
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Magda K Hmmm. Confronted with new ToS when logging into SL. Anyone have the scoop on what's new or different? #SecondLife #Got99Problems&aEULAAint1
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Magda K Planned to do a silly songs theme for the Mermaid tonight. Weird Al's Mandatory Fun, plus Dr. Demento, Monty Python, Tom Lehrer, earlier Al ... should I? Or should I wait?
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