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Frank Wu offers an olive branch to the Puppies: #HugoAwards
Ceejay Writer says Yesterday
By Popular Demand! (Okay, I think about three people asked), The Flight To Brassbright will soon be available in actual paper books you can caress lovingly with your hands.
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Magda K 6 days ago
Ill-fitting analogies for yesterday's skies: Victorian London. Blade Runner. Gehenna. Thankfully, it's better today.
Magda K 1 weeks ago
On my way to WorldCon. Awesome paean to sci-fi & fantasy or epic flustercluck in the making? It can be two things! #Sasquan
VJervil 1 weeks ago
Detective Samuel Sloan Part 4 of Samuel Sloan and the case of the Jade Frog.
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SecondLife shares 2 weeks ago
The #SecondLife community remembers Lumiere Noir - creator, mentor, and friend: Second Life Community Remembers Lumiere Noir - Creator of the Ivo...
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Magda K 2 weeks ago
I should not feel shocked, close to bereft. But I feel shocked, close to bereft.