Magda K 7 hours ago
A chapter from an early draft of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl: A previously unpublished chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Fac...
Magda K Yesterday
Bumbershoot Day #2: saw art, played art (videogames), bought art; watched a short theatre piece re: the Bill of Rights; laughed uproariously @ Dead Authors podcast; watched w/ Bootsy Collins & His Rubber Band.
Wildstar says Yesterday
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Tanarian shares 2 days ago
Howard Tayler's No. I'm Fine. - a short piece of non-fiction about dealing with mental imbalances, from Altered Perceptions, a fundraising anthology.
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Magda K 3 days ago
My first exposure to Sissy Bounce: standing on grass, in the mist, with a bunch of vapers & tokers, watching Big Freedia work & twerk it.
Magda K 3 days ago
At a Literary Deathmatch at a music festival. #litnerd #Bumbershoot
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This is shocking. Perhaps it shouldn't be? National Guard Turns to Food Banks Because Rick Perry Hasn't ...
Magda K 4 days ago
Politics! You've been warned ....
Magda K 5 days ago
Our short national nightmare is over: Sanrio says Hello Kitty is an anthro cat. Don't Be Silly, Hello Kitty Is a Cat