Magda Krampus an hour ago
Holiday lunch @ nearby sushi joint = happy catgirl.
Magda Krampus 2 days ago
My last official Blue Mermaid winter holiday dance! My 2nd-to-last official Blue Mermaid dance! 7 pm SLT tonight!
Magda Krampus 2 days ago
Happy Hanukkah!
Magda Krampus 3 days ago
Not all of the marijuana news in the CRomnibus bill was bad: Congress quietly ends federal government's ban on medical ma...
Ceejay Writer says 4 days ago
Hey, I got interviewed! By... um... okay FINE, by myself. But it's a thing that exists at Smashwords. Enjoy, or laugh, your call! Smashwords – Interview with Lori Alden Holuta
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