Dear Event Owners, if you are looking for a talented designer to add to your event, please consider Maia Gasparini. She owns Hello Dave and makes lovely nail appliers. But more than that, she's so damn sweet,
Lucie Bluebird 2 days ago
The Last Lazy Sunday shopping guide. Thank you to all of you who made this wonderful event possible for so many years. I've owned it for over four years and our store has been
Lucie Bluebird 1 weeks ago
Important Lazy Sunday News... https://lazysundaysl.wor... Please share, if you can! ♥
Lucie Bluebird 2 weeks ago
Can someone explain Project Bento to me? My husband read something and it's got me all confused lol. He read that the default avatars aren't affected by the new bones. That it's only mesh avatars. But what
Lucie Bluebird 3 weeks ago
My Pulse auction board has been updated! [] Come bid on me to win prizes and help a great cause! Second Life Maps | Fuyumi
Lucie Bluebird 4 weeks ago
I'm up for auction at the Pulse Fundraiser, which opens tomorrow. If you bid on me and win you get early access to the next round of Whimsical. Second Life Maps | Fuyumi Slurl for when it opens!