Lucie 13 hours ago
I have some amazing friends. This is going to be like an Academy Awards speech right now. I'd like to thank PepperAnneMint, CharismaJonesford, RavFrog, DelicateFlower & SanuraSnowpaw for putting up with
Lucie 14 hours ago
This is tonight's snack. Trader Joe's Lentil Salad
Lucie 15 hours ago
(unsure) DelicateFlower just bit my nipples. RavFrog told her I was sad, and well... [21:16] Del Serendipity (awylder1): NIPPLE BITING MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY
Lucie 23 hours ago
puts CharismaJonesford on the Naughty Step before leaving Petrie000 gonna need you to keep her there while I'm away, k? Thanks.
Mєяidα 23 hours ago
[] Oneword Round Five word voting now open! Our top five words suggested were Sparkle, Leaves, Fairy, Autumn, Star. Voting Closes September 26th!
Oneword: Oneword Round Five Word Voting Now Open!
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Lucie Yesterday
I have a really bad joke to share. It's horrid and yet i cannot stop laughing. Ready? K, here goes.