Lucie 53 minutes ago
Dear Mitch McConnell, the people of the US have already had a say in who the next Justice should be... they elected the current President and the current Congress, which btw, happens to include you. While I
Lucie an hour ago
This is such bullshit. And ABC should fire him. 'Dancing With the Stars' pro posts meme of Springfield ...
Lucie 4 hours ago
Two years ago today one of my best friends died, leaving behind her not-quite 8 year-old daughter and husband. She was a huge Gilmore Girls fan, and we talked about the show at great length, even long after
Lucie 16 hours ago
Amazon wants me to be fancy while eating my veggie straws. []
Lucie 19 hours ago
These are delicious. I was skeptical, but they're really good. []
Lucie 19 hours ago
Idk why anyone would voluntarily take steroids if not needed for health issues. Maybe the other sort don't do the same things, but the ones I'm on have me an emotional wreck with a grouchy stomach.