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In the market for a new sex toy? This company is donating 100% of proceeds to Planned Parenthood. And there's a 25% off coupon right now. Vibrant
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If you did online dating and met the person in RL, how long did you wait before meeting them? How quickly did you exchange things like phone #s or email addresses/skype/whateverpeopleusethesedays?
Did a thing. [] And it got invited to a group called Super butts of SL and I cannot stop giggling at that.
Psst. Not Plurking for pleasure, exactly. Though SanuraSnowpaw did crack me up just now. But I am kind of hating what I am writing, and I think I need some inspiration and stories from those of you who have done the online dating thing. My character is just starting that process and she's lost (and so am I, since I'm old and married). If you don't wanna
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New Lovebirds necklace @ Cosmopolitan! This one can even be personalized with two initials. See the blog or Flickr pics for full details! Lovebirds @ Cosmopolitan!
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The Epiphany is OPEN. Here's the shopping guide for this round! January 2017 It may be updated again so check back if your favorite store is missing. ♥ If you're new to the event, learn how it works here: How to Play