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This song is just so perfect, and his performance of it is amazing. The Voice 2014 - Matt McAndrew: "Wasted Love" (Offic...
Lucie Belle 3 hours ago
we just had a baby deer drinking melted snow out of the birdbath in our yard. Then she seemed to realize her mother wasn't with her and she left the yard. This time of year, they are not itty bitty
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The Voice Spoilers. SPOILERS. As in if you haven't watched, don't open.
Lucie Belle Yesterday
I watched an elephant video, it was so sweet and a little sad, and I cannot handle elephants, and I ugly cried and now have a headache.
I need a dude with a dick for a photo. Said dude's face will not be in the photo, but the dick will be prominently featured, so the wee head is more important than the big head. Anyone know a patient guy with a
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I got my Christmas present from my husband today. We had my wedding rings cleaned and resized and they look so amazing.