Lucie an hour ago
Me: I think the internet is sucking balls. Husband: I think there's a lot of that on the internet.
Lucie 2 hours ago
morning...I'm awake. For now.
Lucie 10 hours ago
Wtf plurk on the kindle browser never used to be the mobile one and now it is. Blah.
Lucie 11 hours ago
Lucie 11 hours ago
Kelsey: I just really want my hands on that body
Lucie/Jessica: For the millionth time
Lucie/Jessica: my body isn't available
Lucie 12 hours ago
I have tomato and avocado cut up, sprinkled with bacon bits and topped with a drizzle of bleu cheese dressing. And a croissant so I don't get sick from the veggies. Not that either tomato or avocado is actually