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Keep Standing Rock safe by making it a National Monu... If anyone is interested in signing and sharing this, feel free. There are a lot of petitions like it, but none on the official White House page, which has the potential to get
Cae 1 weeks ago
Last call for the 50% off giftcards sale at the Mainstore! Treat someone you love to the gift of jewelry this holiday season!
Second Life Maps | Violet Skies
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If you're concerned about Thanksgiving/holiday conversations given the recent election, check this out. Thanksgiving
ChristmasWishes 1 weeks ago
Just done the maths. Donations totals between L's and gift card values today was $L96,500!!! There are so many wishes on my list to grant too. Keep wishing!
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Cae 2 weeks ago
[] It's Cae's 4th anniversary! A special Gilmore Girls inspired gift for group members. Copper boom! (heart)
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Whimsical opens in just a bit! Here's the shopping guide to keep you busy while you wait! Whimsical November
Cae 3 weeks ago
Cae has been nominated for an Avi Choice Award for Best Jewelry. Thank you so much to those who nominated Cae. It's an honor and means so much.
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Bluebird's Song 3 weeks ago
New post! The Witch’s Altar Spellbound and Violetility for The Coven