Lucie we have a daytrip planned for tomorrow. So excited.
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Lucie Soo... this happened. I'm on the phone w/ CharismaJonesford because her internet is out and she made me all worried cuz she said she was crying and then disappeared on me (but she's okay, she was crying
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Lucie CharismaJonesford left me. Abandoned me. IDK WHERE SHE WENT. cries forever
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Lucie [] I was 17 1/2 and 2 days, so this isn't terribly far off... can it guess yours? Can We Guess When You Lost Your Virginity?
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Lucie Mainstore Sized Parcel for sale on Woodland Park! 1757 prims... there's another parcel next to it for sale that is 937 prims and the two can be combined. L$1.75/prim per week.
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