My Pulse auction board has been updated! [] Come bid on me to win prizes and help a great cause! Second Life Maps | Fuyumi
Lucie Bluebird 2 days ago
I'm up for auction at the Pulse Fundraiser, which opens tomorrow. If you bid on me and win you get early access to the next round of Whimsical. Second Life Maps | Fuyumi Slurl for when it opens!
Lucie Bluebird 1 weeks ago
The Fantasy Collective: After Dark Shopping Guide please note there IS adult content NSFW in this guide!
Lucie Bluebird 3 weeks ago
This is powerful, and I feel it should be shared. But for anyone who has been through sexual assault, it may be very hard to read. So I am sharing it with that warning. Stanford sexual assault case: victim impact statement in full
Lucie Bluebird 1 months ago
New blog. Red High Heels