Lucie 38 minutes ago
Lucie 3 hours ago
Lucie 3 hours ago
Apparently I have to pray for my Peanut Butter Multigrain Cheerios. So says CharismaJonesford who can't understand why I would want PB in my Cheerios.
Ragina 5 hours ago
Can someone please tell my owner that a banana is not a suitable substitute for the real deal? K, thx.
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Lucie 5 hours ago
I knew I should never have given CharismaJonesford a room. NSFL in here. NAUGHTY STEP, CJ!
Lucie 9 hours ago
Ending a phone call with my mom is like a 10 minute process.
Lucie 10 hours ago
My nephew (who is 5) was very impressed by his poop earlier. He tried to get my mom to take a picture. He's like, "Grandma, go get your camera!" She said she doesn't have one (sad but true) and he told her to