Lucie 3 hours ago
Charisma's being mean. :-( [21:35] Lucie Bluebird-Lexington (Lucie Bluebird): you love me
[21:35] Lucie Bluebird-Lexington (Lucie Bluebird): \o/
[21:35] Charisma Jonesford: no
Lucie 4 hours ago
Lazy Sunday now has a new co-owner. I will continue to be an owner, and to be involved, but pepperannemint has agreed to be the event co-owner!
Lucie 6 hours ago
It's snowing!
Lucie 9 hours ago
I write good rules.
Heph 9 hours ago
Hey guys! This was specifically requested by one of our Romp creators who does accessories/apparel, so I'm sharing it in the hopes that I can send them back some good feedback: I just re-read the NC and your suggestion about *I... (Plurk Paste)
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Sway Dench 9 hours ago
RP... Sway's: Neon for Uber
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Lucie 15 hours ago
Need commercial land in SL? We have open parcels on Woodland Park! Second week is free with paid first week. Parcels range from 476 prims to 937 prims.