Lucie 3 hours ago
I have wine for later. Just warning y'all. I pretty much never drink, so combine that with the elevation and one glass ought to get me buzzed, lol.
Lucie 18 hours ago
For those of you who celebrate, what are your Thanksgiving traditions?
Delberry Sauce 18 hours ago
Hey guys, some advice? A friend of mine was just treated really horribly by a yardsale manager. She would like to share her experience as a way of warning others.
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Lucie 18 hours ago
Picked up our Thanksgiving dinner from our favorite restaurant this afternoon. Tomorrow all I have to do is heat stuff.
Lucie Yesterday
My grandmother is so judgmental. A neighbor who is probably about 45 was outside with a remote controlled car... and she's all "...something is not right with him."
Lucie Yesterday
Good for her... people can be such assholes. Elly Kellner is DecentElly Kellner is Decent