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[rp] Just as an FYI, while you may see me tagging on Autogeny this in no way means I want to stop any established PSLs. I want to help get the newborn dressing room moving so my priority may be there, but
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Don't forget: AUTOGENY opens on Monday! Tell your friends! Spread the word! The more folks we have the better!
I'm really enjoying Fallout New Vegas. It's the first Fallout game I've ever played and it feels like old west Skyrim.
[rp] ALMOST got all my June tags but I didn't make it
Autogeny 5 days ago
we are opening on July 6th! Please spread the word! AUTOGENY: A panfandom Dressing Room
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[rp] Excited because I'll be advertising for the Dressing Room tomorrow TODAY!!!!