ᴠᴇxᴇᴅ 7 hours ago
[rp] inbox commentary will be dropped here, plus also a good place to nudge me if you need me.
ᴠᴇxᴇᴅ 12 hours ago
[rp] That addictive, satisfying feeling of finishing threads. Purr. (this is apparently also a plurk when I squeal over Mark/ Luke Bilyk)
ᴠᴇxᴇᴅ Yesterday
[rp] will prob turn into a commentary plurk later but i had to note now: tmw Vex's two worst enemies tag him in a row.
ᴠᴇxᴇᴅ Yesterday
[meme] fanfic tropes - I thought of RP and this sorter didn't do a very accurate job. edit:
ᴠᴇxᴇᴅ 2 days ago
[rp] game night is over, time to look at my inbox! commentary will be here
ᴠᴇxᴇᴅ 3 days ago
[eudio] PUBLIC memory featuring VEX !!! I highly encourage all his close CR to see this, if they're into that whole memory viewing thing!
ᴠᴇxᴇᴅ 3 days ago
[eudio/rp] too easy (doh) oh Vex.
ᴠᴇxᴇᴅ 3 days ago
[Vex] musing about how it's really easy to buy gifts for this guy. so if anyone wants to buy Xmas/birthday presents for him they have like, a ton of shit to choose from.
ᴠᴇxᴇᴅ 4 days ago
[eudio] GTFO ROGUE