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[rp] [https://i.imgur.com/WhLtJe9.png] my inbox right now <3 tis lovely though I'm not sure how on top of RP I will be tonight.
[meme] Romantic state of the RP because WHY NOT I FEEL CHATTY TONIGHT.
[https://i.imgur.com/818EYYI.png] ok this is my inbox right now and I might be a network only kind of gal tonight, not really in the mood for logs at the moment. This might change as the night progresses.
Working late tonight so RP will happen later!
[Amat] #Vex
eggplay 2 days ago
"Ma'am, your moaning cow noises are upsetting the other passengers. Please return to your seat so we can take off."
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[da] Some of the nsfw Cassandra fanart that's been coming out lately... I'm torn between saying oh that's kinda hot and just giggling.
eggplay 3 days ago
"Master Dom Derek had strict rules for his pet Stiles to follow when they were together." why I will never stop reading fanfic
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