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tonight's commentary shall be here!
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oh good. time to rekindle my love for a sociopath
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Vex ► Dark Fae Power for those of you canonblind to Vex: this vid is a good sampling of him in the first 3 seasons. featuring: his laugh, bisexual flirting, fashion, how his mesmer works & bdsm loving
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[rp] tonight's commentary: this is not a drill, my oldest tags are from yesterday and there are only 2 of them
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[rp] tonight's commentary plurk oh yay <3
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[rp] tonight's tag plurk is brought to you by: "You regret it, don't you. Choosing the Dark." (cw: talk of maybe loving your animal bf too much?)
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[eudio] Alec and Vex i am crying
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[rp] Vex's CR chart updated ... not with new code yet because I'm struggling with the code I like, but we have some red-line graduates in the meanwhile.
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[intro] can't sleep, so, well, let's do this. hi new peeps, i'm April and i'm a Vexaholic. + i come with a disclaimer which basically sums up as:
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[rp] tonight