KSKathy says happy Thursday! Off to another early morning meeting & then "Cloning Round Table Discussion" with middle schoolers.
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KSKathy shares http://images.plurk.com/d1c0bd2119dffae34ea3ac78281a7aaf.jpg
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KSKathy says have a terrific Tuesday! Only a few of them left this school year- so much left to do!
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KSKathy says good night all!
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KSKathy says happy Monday on this last day of April!
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KSKathy says good morning on a rainy Sunday in KC!
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KSKathy says off to the iris gardens this morning & lunch with a friend- life is good! Enjoy your Saturday.
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KSKathy says blowing away in KC today....
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KSKathy says can it be I haven't plurked all day! Have a great evening!
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