Rav-T says Yesterday
[3xMEME COMBOB] My RP strengths? Would you ship with me? Crosscannon ships?
Rav-T 4 days ago
The entire DevOps team at my work has just been blocked from work.
Rav-T 5 days ago
[meme] Pick one of mine and one of yours and use this generator to tell me what they get (feel free to go nsfw)
Rav-T 1 weeks ago
[Discord] I'm Rav-T#0266 , for anybody who's interested. I'm pretty regularly available there.
Rav-T 1 weeks ago
[National Coming out Day] Quick before it's over...
Rav-T 2 weeks ago
Kanaya has made a general status update in place of Monty. In full troll quirk, because habits are a terrible thing to break.
Rav-T 2 weeks ago
Real Talk.
Rav-T 2 weeks ago
I am not disappointed by this meme
Rav-T 2 weeks ago
[meme] [https://i.imgur.com/iWjYrp9t.jpg]
I'm sorry to subject you all to my handwriting. Just not sorry enough to not do it.
Rav-T 2 weeks ago
I'm finally playing a Fire Emblem game. As someone who just can't seem to have the patience for JRPGs anymore... this is pretty dang good.