Rav-T 1 weeks ago
Mitchell and Webb Under the Linden Tree with Queen V... My apartment complex has a few Linden trees, and they're in full bloom right now. It's awful.
Rav-T 2 weeks ago
Teal Deer: Pitch me some DWRP games
Rav-T 2 weeks ago
so I'm feeling the itch to RP online again...
Rav-T 2 weeks ago
[meme] Shipping who we're logged in as? well congratulations, you get this handsome devil: [https://metrouk2.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/borderlands_psycho.jpg]
Rav-T 2 weeks ago
[Job AMA Meme] I am a Computer Programmer / Software Developer. Currently I work for a Fortune 500 insurance company, helping fix a pile of bad code design masquerading as a claims management system.
Rav-T 3 weeks ago
Other than three people, if you're reading this you only know me thanks to Homestuck.
Rav-T 3 weeks ago
[State of the Rav-T]
I'm at work so this will be updated intermittently but if I keep waiting "until I have time" it will keep not happening
Rav-T 2 months ago
What am I supposed to do with my life now? How do I just go to work like nothing's changed, after I find out that this exists? SAYM Unisex Simulation Printing Galaxy Pocket Hooded...