Rav-T So I readly don't into art, like, at all... But... concrit, anybody? [http://i.imgur.com/MFtNQnD.png]
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Rav-T So there I was, at work, waiting for a meeting to begin.
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Rav-T [tag plurk] 'cuz I never do these but they look like fun. And plurk is finally back.
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Rav-T [meme] give me a kink, and I'll tell you if I would rp it/have rped it before.
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Rav-T [Rp to do list] since my home net is out, and I'm stuck on work net where I can't do anything.
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¢σ¢кηєѕѕмσηѕтєя [art/nsfw]
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Rav-T Kanaya on the hearts meme real quick before I bed
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Rav-T The sass in this thread. I love when I can really let Kanaya's snarky attitude go free.
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Rav-T [state of the rp / RL] So, I started my job this week. It's pretty good overall, but I can't tag at work.
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Rav-T /casually sits ten feet up a plum tree, checking plurk and writting smut tags.
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