Rav-T 2 days ago
[https://versionindustries.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/vector_logo_demo.jpg] I got my face melted, both literally and figuratively. Goddamn that show was amazing.
Rav-T 2 days ago
So yesterday I had a friend over, and ended up introducing him to The Protomen. He became such an instant fan that he found out they're having a show tonight in Lexington and now we're doing a road trip.
Rav-T 4 days ago
Plotting post. I actually have ideas for once.
CARVAKA 5 days ago
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Rav-T 1 weeks ago
Hey flashily , if you're going to have Rose come in on Kanaya frantically checking to see if Nepeta is still here, now is probably the perfect time
Rav-T 1 weeks ago
I've officially cleared out my tags, but it feels... off. Let me know if there's anything missing, eh?
Rav-T 1 weeks ago
WHOOPS fell off the face of the earth and had to Mark-all-as-read. Did I miss anything? (besides tags I know I know)
Rav-T 1 weeks ago
[rant] I have never used a more terribly designed keyboard or mouse than Apple's bullshit.
Rav-T 2 weeks ago
lea Severa found out that Kanaya met Kairi in the beach illusion. She just asked if Kairi looks good in a swimsuit.