Maryam City Yesterday
I just found out that the Michigan pride parade/rally at the capitol is today starting in half an hour. And I have no plans today. And the capitol is five miles from here.
Maryam City Yesterday
Hi errybody
Maryam City 3 days ago
Hey-yo Plurk. Spouse week has concluded, as has the two days of recovering from a crazy move, so I'm back. Gonna hit tags now. Life updates and tag commentary in this plurk.
Maryam City 1 weeks ago
Getting ready to go get my wife from the airport
Maryam City 2 weeks ago
[2xmeme] How would your character seduce mine & ask about character firsts.
Maryam City 2 weeks ago
Sitting down to watch Fantastic 4. Spoilers now, because it was bad and nobody should care.
Maryam City 3 weeks ago
Okay, so of all the things I like about my new car, this is both the dumbest and my favorite. []
Maryam City 3 weeks ago
G'Mornin' plurk. How y'all doing today?
Maryam City 1 months ago
Off to go put an offer out on a car. Wish me luck!