Rav-T 2 days ago
So tomorrow I get off work at 4:30pm, and I'm pretty much immediately hitting the road to drive seven hours for family thanksgiving crap. So uh, probably not going to tag much for a bit.
Rav-T 4 days ago
Kanaya post for the event
Rav-T says 1 weeks ago
[Meme] Homestuck classpects and Hogwarts houses for me and mine.
mimepowerhour 1 weeks ago
Vriska on the test drive! I left it p. open for the sake of not having the same response to EVERYONE I guess??
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Rav-T says 2 weeks ago
What a great [meme] give me one of your characters and one of mine, and I'll tell you something that mine would confess to yours
Rav-T says 3 weeks ago
[Meme] Your character walks in on one of mine in the shower, what do?
Rav-T 3 weeks ago
[2xmeme] shippy smutty s-word sunday, and what, if anything, does your character find attractive about mine?