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[steven universe] So, two things. One, does anybody have fanart or whatever of Rose Quartz with a big 'ol ಠ_ಠ face going on? I need one for a joke.
Two, here's a work in progress of what I did with my sunday.
Polly Perks 1 weeks ago
Saturday morning. Big bowl of cereal. Watchin' Steven Universe (Again? Again.)
Polly Perks 1 weeks ago
Here's the plan. I'm going to drink a pot of coffee, and then it's going to be tags and javascript for the rest of the night. Yeah.
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[meme] State of the RP \ romantic state of the RP. I'm off to work here in a sec but I'm going to duck in here and update it throughout the day.
Polly Perks 1 weeks ago
[SU] Finally caught up on Steven Universe, I can stop avoiding y'alls plurks about it and be one with the what a great show
Sour Cream 1 weeks ago
I can’t believe I never realized “come on and slam and welcome to the jam” is in iambic pentameter
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[http://41.media.tumblr.com/eba376cc03ad68e5a13d88c8f1d34673/tumblr_n9osr9GQwA1tx3spco1_500.jpg] Counter-strike: GO, and The Mortal Kombat movie. I'm absolutely screwed sideways.