just ely asks 3 years ago
travelers of the continental US: I may be doing a solo road trip in the fall... what are your MUST SEE places. if you could go anywhere?
just ely is 3 years ago
finishing up my My Second Box offerings.
Ser Pounce 3 years ago
More info on the Hush skin situation And the hits just keep on comingAnd the hits just keep on coming
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just ely says 3 years ago
#867 5309: You don't know me but you make me so happy. I tried to call you before.
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Instead of saying nice things about me... just go buy my stuff *elymode* more 54*elymode* more 54 (LOL)
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[https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7092/7315675100_abecbdf245_t.jpg] new elymode group gift. here's your limo don't forget your group tag!
just ely says 4 years ago
OMG excuse me while I go watch the Les Mis movie trailer 100 times and cry all day. LES MISERABLES - Official Trailer (2012) [HD]LES MISERABLES - Official Trailer (2012) [HD]
just ely thinks 4 years ago
crediting your source AFTER you get caught doesn't count.