ellie bellie shares http://images.plurk.com/84347fca430b43a49d1b7f1529dbca30.jpghttp://images.plurk.com/30952499f2bb28aaff66b49baea57897.jpgmore Pose Fair stuff...still plugging away at the rest!
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ellie bellie shares http://images.plurk.com/ba2d6f653619f89479f7255ea685212c.jpghttp://images.plurk.com/9ac15d497afb656eda00e16bc963deb7.jpghttp://images.plurk.com/4c54c52e1bab2334e7d49e810d8c772c.jpgslowly getting closer to done for Pose Fair!
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ellie bellie good morning, you lot how's it going?
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ellie bellie shares Second Spaces blog: I like these things.I like these things.
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ellie bellie shares http://images.plurk.com/28c2d320b88d766d4eadbe5cabdd78d2.jpgthis is how NenaJanus will get all my cash. ♥
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ellie bellie oh goodness :-( jet fighter crash in Va Beach www.wavy.com/dpp/news/lo...
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ellie bellie asks opinions, plz? for vendor ad, which is better -- texured bkground or white? http://images.plurk.com/ace5710088a3ac42003cc4fe8393b1d2.jpghttp://images.plurk.com/00ef4fb650dd13a9ae69e04fb8b45b84.jpg
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ellie bellie shares http://images.plurk.com/4fb106e1f5c1c33c0fd46dea4e393bf0.jpg gm wearing my Wonder Woman shirt today. i feel sassy...like an amazon princess.
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ellie bellie shares http://images.plurk.com/72103d0e2229abae913845dc25c597b8.jpgif we're sharing childhoods...me at 8. rockin' it. word.
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