Molly 17 hours ago
Mmmm Tyson's sister Kara is making homemade slivovica. I may have to drive down to Eugene and buy some off of her when it's ready...
Molly 2 days ago
Man, I am just really in the mood to pick back up with Homestuck and see how much further I can get with it...
Molly 2 days ago
:-D So the one house didn't pan out, but we have another we are looking at right now.
Molly shares 6 days ago
:-D Just discovered a new Jaegermonster artist!
Molly 1 weeks ago
Had inspection done on the potential house. Some things that needed fixing, and have been dickering back and forth with seller for a couple weeks on them.
Molly 1 weeks ago
Hey, Manateehugs, we've got three of your paintings here still.
Molly 2 weeks ago
inkblotted Yes Saul, you go give that horrible werewolf a piece of your mind!
Molly 2 weeks ago
[house/snake stuff, don't look if you don't like snakes]