Molly It is Passover! And as it is Passover, that means lots of yummy food, and Maneschewitz wine. :-))
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Magda K We! Are! Librarians! We are librarians and information professionals interested in sch... #NationalLibraryWeek
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Molly Friday night bar log links! :-)
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Molly Actually got some cleaning done today, hooray!
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Molly [Lots of art, all of it but one piece Jager-related] So here's some of the things that I forgot that I had:
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Molly The moment when you're going through your "art by other people" drawer, hoping to start scrapbooking some of it so you can look at it and show it to others...
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Corgi In the spirit of the Hawkeye Project, Humon presents: JANE BOND
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Molly Thinking about who I want to throw at the open bar post.
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Molly :-D Going out for sushi and Grand Budapest Hotel with Tyson tonight. It has been a good week for dates!
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Molly Ah, for a convenient "illness" or day off. It sure is nice outside...
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