Molly says 2 hours ago
Holy carp! Officially closing on the house on December 5th.
Molly 2 days ago
This is almost hypnotic: Unique Style of Candle making
Molly 2 days ago
SternTheMonster, Fergand, and I get to bring the puppy home come Wednesday. :-D
Ereh shares 3 days ago
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Molly 3 days ago
inkblotted, I am a terrible person.
Molly 3 days ago
[random musings after listening to history podcasts] I wonder if some of the hunt scene and whatnot in Disney's Beauty and the Beast pulled on the legends that grew up around the Beast of Gevaudan?
Molly 3 days ago
Thought I might share some links to anime series that I've been enjoying recently, and aren't "big name" shows. :-))
Molly shares 4 days ago
Since I'm not sure where my original went, I'll bite again. How old do I look?
Molly wonders 5 days ago
gowaweh, are you currently taking commissions?
Molly 6 days ago
Much better day today. :-))