Michael 15 hours ago
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Molly 16 hours ago
Yay, plurk is back! Was it down for anyone else?
Molly 2 days ago
In the world of "things that I really don't need to order, but would be awesome"...
Manateehugs 2 days ago
New hatchlings! would any Plurk friends like one? First up is a little who's tomato bar and jungle daub...
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ʜᴀɴs❤ 3 days ago
PLEASE REPLURK My aunt Katharine went missing from her house in NYC ten days ago without phone, keys, ID, etc. She stopped taking her bi-polar medication about two weeks prior and we're extremely worried.
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Molly 3 days ago
gowawa thought you might like to see--I crystalled the SD boy I got from you: [http://flightrising.com/rendern/350/63677/6367616_350.png]
Molly feels 4 days ago
like she is doing something she shouldn't. Plurking from a work computer (admittedly during break).
Molly 6 days ago
It's been an awesome and busy weekend! Sorry if I haven't been around much in internet spaces.
Molly 6 days ago
princessoutlaw, here are pictures of the other, non-axolotl, salamanders I was talking about!
Molly 1 weeks ago
Yay, Katrina is here, and not only is she hanging out, she's gonna put up an intro post for Erik on Werebox, if anyone would like to run into him at the University.