dawnk777 says Wow, when I work, i get here after everyone has gone to bed.
Yesterday 2 responses
dawnk777 says My new monitor, or how we spent part of the tax refund!
Dell UltraSharp 23 1080p IPS, Ergonomic, USB Hub
Yesterday 3 responses
dawnk777 says my daughter and I are looking forward to coloring eggs on Saturday! Also, we are both hungry for egg salad, too!
3 days ago 3 responses
dawnk777 says Yesterday's rain should help our winter-burned evergreens.
6 days ago 0 responses
dawnk777 says Sarah and I cleaned out our flower garden today. There are a lot of daisies already growing, along with daffodils and tulips.
1 weeks ago 1 response
dawnk777 says I'm so glad it's the weekend and I don't have to work!
2 weeks ago 2 responses
dawnk777 says we had a fairly nice day today. Supposed to be almost 60 on Sunday. I'll believe it when it happens!
3 weeks ago 5 responses
dawnk777 says Oh good. The wash machine is on its last spin cycle. Soon, I can go to bed. So tired, but wanted clean clothes to wear tomorrow.
3 weeks ago 4 responses
dawnk777 likes that I can go to knitting at church tonight. I missed the last two weeks because of work.
3 weeks ago 2 responses
dawnk777 wishes it would be warmer out. Oh well. It is what is is. Enjoying the day off I could have had yesterday, until they called me in at 5am.
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