Ladies don't send those intimate selfies of yourself with marker written on your tits that read (certain guy) whore. He shares them Felicia
MORNING!! yay it's Monday and I start classes again!
have an awesome day y'all!
I saw "If I stay" today. It wasn't what I expected, but it was good. I almost cried on some parts and there's some good laughs too.
Morning plurkville! I'm going to see "If I stay" today with my bestie. I gotta get some candy from walgreens before I go and she (my bestie) thinks this is so hilarious and cheap of me! (LOL) It's smart to me!
How do you NOT put the slurl of your event on your blog page? (lmao) Is it asking for to much to place it there?
Has anyone ever been to this store:
Earth Fare, Inc. ??
What would people say about you at your funeral?
Most stories would start off with: "This one time Dani got us into some serious trouble....." (lmao) but I feel you can't someone do what's not in them to do.