[Codie ~]# 5 months ago
sorry, i always come back when there's bad news, apparently. i'm solidly crushed to hear that one of the metaverse's most tortured but genuinely beautiful soul passed today. farewell therecidivist
[Codie ~]# 9 months ago
Thanks God for xanax I'm now completely numb. Gonna try to catch some z. Night plurk.
[Codie ~]# 9 months ago
V passed away in my arms today. To say i'm utterly destroyed is a definite understatement.
[Codie ~]# 10 months ago
i know it's been a while i don't plurk and sorry to get all political on you again, but this is such a fucking disgrace. Kentucky clerk Kim Davis released from jail
[Codie ~]# 11 months ago
taps mic hello?
[Codie ~]# 1 years ago
Just passing by to say it once again, fuck you fucking cancer. Thank you for being part of my SL, Melanie. I will never forget those photoshoots and time spent wandering the grid. Rest in peace.
[Codie ~]# 1 years ago
if you don't own Borderlands, now is time. Humble Borderlands Bundle