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Because some may not have heard I'm letting you know She Was Our Leaf on the Wind is for all memories, stories that make you laugh, condolences and anything in between about our wonderful Amy
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just heard about ScarletCSkylaC. i only have one thing to say. fuck cancer. fuck that shit taking away such a sweet girl.
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just crawling out of my lair to share this. i won't say who this is about, but she's a friend, and this is needed. please give a few bucks. thank you. Click here to support Buy a new laptop for a shut-in by Scott McN...
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3 degrees C outside today. me right now = I Love To Singa- Owl
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Got bored. Made thing.
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hells yeah! science! missing links! Oldest Human Fossil Found, Redrawing Family Tree
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today is another day, right?
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rip in piece rouge <3
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