Chance n Fluff 2 weeks ago
Hai frenz. Touching base, its been kinda the worst past months ever. Many issues going on. My family is going through an extremely rough time right now.
Chance n Fluff 2 months ago
uh where is Harlow Heslop? did she change her plurk? sorry been gone awhile
Chance n Fluff 2 months ago
hai frenz! just wanted to check in and say hello. things have been hectic. mon mama was in hospital for three days. she is home now. she has been quite ill and the tests she had to have were too much on her..
Chance n Fluff 3 months ago
My Grandmother (Mon Mama's mother) died earlier today. Mon Mama is so very upset. Please if you are so inclined, pray for her and my family at this hard time. Grandma was dying for some months now,very sad time
Chance n Fluff 3 months ago
Have a great day everyone and be well, be happy, enjoy the little things and always always laugh! I think of you all often <3 Till next time!
Chance n Fluff 3 months ago
So what is new with all of you? I hope great things are happening in your lives!
Chance n Fluff shares 3 months ago
What is currently playing on repeat in your collection :-) Adam Lambert - "Ghost Town" [Official Music Video] Normally I wouldnt listen to him but damn the arrangement on this by Max Martin is catchy
Vanity ♫ 3 months ago
anyone wanna stroll on le beach with me for a pic? IM me? [Vanity Mirror]
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