Chance n Fluff 2 months ago
Merry Christmas to all that celebrate, and a wondrous upcoming New Year to everyone and their loved ones in kind! I love and miss all of you, and keep you close to my heart.
Chance n Fluff 4 months ago
Sometimes, there is a small flicker of light in the vast darkness. A tiny light, like a shimmering star, whispering of hope.
Chance n Fluff 4 months ago
Hi to everyone. Im alive, just doing terribly. No improvements to report. Struggling too much to elaborate much. Think of yall often. ♥ If you get a funny tickle on yer bum out of nowhere, its just me.
Chance n Fluff 5 months ago
GLITCH FANS Eleven , do yall know about this! they need coders and other stuff, check out the site to get info.
Chance n Fluff 5 months ago
Popping in to say hello, letting ya'll know that I'm still alive and kickin', greatest song btw. Things are very rough but I am going tokeep trying. A move, new treatment and other major life changes happening
Chance n Fluff 6 months ago
Having a rough go of things and could really use some positive energy, prayers and the like. The pain battle is wearing me to nothing and other life issues that are compiling, making for a very...
Chance n Fluff 6 months ago
[] Hope yall are having a great night/morning. :-)