Chance n Fluff Hello everyone. First and foremost Gabby & I are ok. We are just strugglign with our illnesses, life and its many challenges....
1 weeks ago 24 responses
Chance n Fluff Hello everyone. I've not been active here since around mid January. I've been struggling with my illness worsening daily & my inability to cope has taken its toll. Treatment for my varying issues seem to be...
1 months ago 28 responses
Chance n Fluff all. had the laser treatment yesterday so hurtin bad today. going to have to rest a lot. Hope your weekend is going great.
3 months ago 4 responses
Chance n Fluff just peeking in to say hello to everyone. its proving a very rough week to say the least. everythings pretty much a mess & i am trying hard to keep it together. could use some prayers for mon Mama...
3 months ago 11 responses
Chance n Fluff physical therapy waiting room this guy is hitting on every woman here. the hell bro.
3 months ago 7 responses
Chance n Fluff notquitepink I think you are a fallen star and I am thankful you are among us.
3 months ago 6 responses