Atelier Kreslo 2 days ago
All our donuts are gone! Thousands of donuts went over the counter, but now the Donut Festival is closed! We'd like to thank everyone who came by and got yummies.
Allegory says 2 days ago
[] so, the donut festival ends, like, tonight. last call for donuts. Second Life Maps | Fall
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Atelier Kreslo 3 days ago
Today is the last day of Donut Festival! Come and grab some donuts before the stock disappears forever Visit us now!
Atelier Kreslo 4 days ago
[] we are starting the last weekend of Donut Festival! After Sunday they will be gone forever. Have you grabbed yours yet? Here's your taxi!
Atelier Kreslo 6 days ago
And speaking of donuts - which one is your favorite from our festival?
Atelier Kreslo 1 weeks ago
Come grab a donut while you still can, they'll expire next weekend! Come visit us!
Atelier Kreslo 2 weeks ago
[] did you know that all of our nearly 50 kind of donuts are transferable so you can easily gift them? Here is your Taxi!