erratic shares 2 days ago
Sorry i am running late for ~uber~, here is a WIP
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Daniel Voyager says 2 days ago
RFL of SL 2014 Wrap Up Party Schedule RFL of SL 2014 Wrap Up Party Schedule RFL of SL 2014 Wrap Up Party Schedule (woot)
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Bronxelf 分享 2 days ago
The Challenge is now open! Come on down to Volstead and get one of these lovely things. Second Life Maps | Port Seraphine
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Max Graf shares 2 days ago
After several months of work and a ton of pics and plurks, I finally completed the shed and matching table! Please take a moment to look at the final timeline of photos and info on Custom Shed & Potting Table Set - Imgur
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The Arcade 6 days ago
For the first time in The Arcade Gacha Events’ history, early access passes will be offered to the general public! Click through for more details!
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botgirl shares 6 days ago
Would knowing a person's real age/gender/looks change your Twitter interactions? Botgirl's Digital Playground: Pseudonymous Interactions: One Twit... /cc strawberrysingh
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Nyhm/Victorie says 6 days ago
Any mesh makers wanna collaborate on a paid project I'm getting together? :-) VERY simple mesh things needed, a lot of what I can do on my own, I just need a variety!
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anya.ohmai shares 1 weeks ago
ZBrush 4 - MatchMaker Basics Just found out about Zbrush's MatchMaker tools and what it does, been doing so many things wrong
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