ekuZhombi thinks that no matter what THE ANNOUNCEMENT had been .. there still would have been massive plurks about OMG why wasn't it something else.
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Asha Blender News: A new interior design addon for Blender is being developed that uses parametric models. Pretty darn cool for concepting or for people who can't model. Interior Design with Blender
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Asha Cycles Baking Update: A simple Gui addon has been added to make it easier to test the baking and different maps. You'll have to download a new Blender file to try it. Link: Blender 2.69.10 Cycles Baking - No Cuda + CbakeGUI
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LVLE Cyclic Reminder that until Sunday all my favourite shoe colours (Pink/Purple/Teal) are 50% off for my Birthday! Second Life Maps | MudHoney
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Sands says Morning! tell me what you think of this.
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Chandra Masala shares I need a stand in in NYC for Justice for Gujarat Riot Victims Rally and Candlelight Vigil
Oh my God I want to be there so bad Modi is a fucking DEMON.
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Asha Great Blender News!: Blender developers are working on adding cycles baking to Blender. It isn't in an official build yet. But, you can do some early testing by using a graphicall build.
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