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Zbrush/Art News: UArtsy is giving away a tutorial a day for 12 days. They have some great anatomy and Zbrush tutorials. :The Online Art School | UArtsy
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What I've Learned from Two Years Collecting Data on Police Ki...
No national database collecting this data - because they really do not want the public to know how often police kill people.
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Graphic News: Win a Wacom Tablet from Spoonflower: Win a Wacom Tablet!
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Knitting people do you do continental style or American throw style? Which do you prefer if you have tried both one of the women at the
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DraconiasTimeless : Thanks for the add!
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New [or improved?] from Atomic Faery: Check out this Second Life Marketplace Item! or in store.
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"I do not fear to die," she said; "that pang is past. I leave a sad and bitter world; and if you remember me, and think of me as of one unjustly condemned, I am resigned to the fate awaiting me."
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