Dinalya Yesterday
Good morning plurkers! It's too beautiful of a day for so many to be upset but I see lovely Sunday stress strikes again. I hope everyone remembers why they are here, hold it tight and find a way to let the
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Auryn Beorn shares Yesterday
The best of this test is the dog's face Do you ACTUALLY Know English?
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Sian 2 days ago
Post Lyrics Running Through Your Head in This Plurk #60
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Bronxelf 3 days ago
Ok, I redid it. For everyone waiting on the Cyber/Industrial style talk... Elements of Cyber and Industrial style There you go.
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Kriss Lehmann 2 weeks ago
This is may be just me, but I think content creators trying to be in every event possible is killing good content in SL. More events means less time to make quality work.
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