alcariel says Yesterday
it's always an interesting day when I request a birth certificate and get one for a person who is NOT me.
alcariel says 2 days ago
the babies are bathed and down for the night, hubby is at work to help cover a shift for a few hours, and I'm completely free. What to do? Knit on my sock, cast on something new, or spin?
alcariel says 3 days ago
I get to spend another fun-filled day at the DMV to get my driver's license!
alcariel says 3 days ago
the roast I have in the crockpot already smells amazing!
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
Today is fired.
alcariel shares 1 weeks ago
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
twins are down for their morning naps, I've made some phone calls, and now (hopefully) I can shower and get some chores done!
alcariel says 3 weeks ago
Last work night of the week! Got more sleep today but coffee is still my best friend. House inspection tomorrow afternoon so hopefully I can sleep in the morning.
alcariel is 3 weeks ago
so tired I just want to cry. Three hours of sleep is not enough, but had to make phone calls for the new house and hubby worked all day. Guess coffee will be my close, personal friend tonight for work.
alcariel says 3 weeks ago
Swapped babies with hubby in the work parking lot (I was leaving, he was coming in). Now I'm home with cookies and a breakfast burrito!