alcariel says Yesterday
Haven't knit at all today. Maybe that has something to do with my mood.
alcariel Yesterday
alcariel says 3 days ago
Success! Both of the twins held my hands and walked from the car to the store!!
alcariel is 3 weeks ago
all kinds of messed up with my sleep schedule. Slept about 4 hours after work while the kids napped, then 2 hours tonight. Now I'm wide awake at midnight.
alcariel is 1 months ago
interviewing a new babysitter/nanny for the twins. She'll be here in half an hour. I suppose I should get dressed at some point and put some make up on. No need to scare the poor girl!
alcariel says 1 months ago
Can't decide between cross stitching and knitting tonight so I'm sitting here doing nothing.