alcariel needs 1 weeks ago
to motivate my butt out of the chair and get some food while the rest of the house naps.
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
Morning all! Off to my first eye doctor appointment in about 5 years!(doh)
alcariel says 2 weeks ago
alcariel wishes 2 weeks ago
podcast garden hadn't been such a poop last week. Now I'm stuck sitting at my computer until the show uploads (third attempt).
alcariel is 3 weeks ago
not having the greatest last couple of days and I need some motivation/inspiration, please!
alcariel 1 months ago
Finished the knitting on Gabe's sweater!
alcariel says 1 months ago
alcariel says 1 months ago
Everyone in the house (besides me) is down with a cold and are all taking naps. I'm debating for me...nap or craft?