alcariel says 9 hours ago
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
Managed to get the tree and part of the house decorated with the help of the twins. Had to let my OCD about ornament placement go since they insisted that the majority of the ornaments be hung low.
alcariel is 2 weeks ago
183% done with today and about 67% done with tomorrow too.
alcariel is 2 weeks ago
working on getting the last 2 weeks' episodes uploaded. Having to recompress the files for iTunes upload.
alcariel says 2 weeks ago
Another load of dishes washed, laundry in the dryer, signed up for benefits at work, grocery shopping done, and peach cobbler in the oven for our anniversary.
alcariel says 3 weeks ago
one load of laundry folded and put away, another in the dryer, towels in the washer, all of upstairs vacuumed, and dishes washing in the dishwasher.
alcariel says 3 weeks ago
After much freaking out on my part, windows 7 is finally installed on my computer. Going to see if it will let me install 10 tomorrow or if I just stick with 7 and hope everything works.
alcariel says 3 weeks ago
I give up
alcariel is 4 weeks ago
feeling completely drained. Hubby came home from work this AM and sent me back to bed. Slept 4 hours, took a shower, and I feel just as drained as before. Hoping this is just strep and not mono.