alcariel says Yesterday
Last work night of the week! Got more sleep today but coffee is still my best friend. House inspection tomorrow afternoon so hopefully I can sleep in the morning.
alcariel is 2 days ago
so tired I just want to cry. Three hours of sleep is not enough, but had to make phone calls for the new house and hubby worked all day. Guess coffee will be my close, personal friend tonight for work.
alcariel says 4 days ago
Swapped babies with hubby in the work parking lot (I was leaving, he was coming in). Now I'm home with cookies and a breakfast burrito!
alcariel says 6 days ago
earnest money paid on the house, home inspector scheduled for next week, errands run, and now I'm working on dinner. It's been a productive afternoon!
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
So the big news I was waiting to hear about this weekend? We heard!
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
Managed to finish the Christmas socks for my friend Sarah last night and start a hat for Gabe.
alcariel is 1 weeks ago
going to be a ball of anxiety all weekend. Waiting to hear back on something life-changing and the soonest we'll hear will be Monday. Sorry to be vague but don't want to jinx it!
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
ordering fail, Olive Garden! Keep getting an error message while trying to place an online order. Tried calling the restaurant to order instead and no one ever answered the six times I called!
alcariel has 1 weeks ago
a paypal credit burning a hole in my pocket. Inspire me!!
alcariel says 2 weeks ago
the pieces are slowly falling into place for us to get a house here in Colorado. Just waiting on one more thing from my old bank and we'll be ready!