alcariel says Yesterday
I am not amused!
alcariel says 4 days ago
the twins are down for the night, I've scrubbed inside of the oven clean, and now it's time for Phoebe snuggles and knitting!
alcariel wishes 5 days ago
I could get more than two hours of sleep. Wide awake with a headache now. Bring on the coffee, knitting, and Agents of SHIELD on Netflix!
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
Evidently my body has decided that 3 hours of sleep is plenty thankyouverymuch. That's going to make today super fun!
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
I give up. Yesterday sucked, today is sucking worse, and I can't control any of it.
alcariel was 1 weeks ago
going to make banana bread, and discovered that all of my loaf pans are still in storage and we won't get them until we're in our house. So much for that idea!
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
No news on hubby's grandpa.
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
Hubby's grandpa had a massive heart attack today. Things are not good. Hubby's gone to bed and I'm staying up worry-knitting and hoping we don't get a phone call neither of us want.
alcariel is 2 weeks ago
giving up and going back to bed. Babies will hopefully nap for a while so I can get some sleep. Coffee has had no effect.
alcariel is 2 weeks ago
up after only an hour of sleep since hubby is going in to work to cover for a co-worker.