alcariel says Two days of house hunting and we've narrowed the list down to six!
3 days ago 6 responses
alcariel says Capped off a day of house hunting with a trip to The Loopy Ewe. Popped the hubby's yarn store cherry!
4 days ago 8 responses
alcariel is relaxing in the hotel in Colorado in preparation for house hunting tomorrow. Still wishing I was at SSK with everyone, but this is an important step for my family that I can't miss.
4 days ago 8 responses
alcariel has big news!
1 weeks ago 42 responses
alcariel says the perils of night shift...having to stay awake long enough for places to be open so you can call them for appointments.
2 weeks ago 1 response
alcariel is home from the wedding reception. The twins did great with being passed around to anyone willing to hold them, but hit their limit after the 2 1/2 hour mark. All of us are going down for naps now.
2 weeks ago 2 responses
alcariel has the babies ready to go to a friend's wedding reception. Now to get myself ready!
2 weeks ago 3 responses
alcariel says babies are fed and back to sleep. Hubby's dog is hiding under his desk to get away from the fireworks. My fun and wonderful 4th of July.
2 weeks ago 5 responses
alcariel says going to the zoo with hubby, the in-laws, my SIL and her kids yesterday was totally worth the major screwing with my sleep schedule right before my work weekend!
3 weeks ago 6 responses
alcariel wishes I didn't have a high guilt complex to go along with my work ethic.
1 months ago 7 responses