alcariel has Yesterday
a paypal credit burning a hole in my pocket. Inspire me!!
alcariel says 3 days ago
the pieces are slowly falling into place for us to get a house here in Colorado. Just waiting on one more thing from my old bank and we'll be ready!
alcariel is 4 days ago
really wishing I could knit at work. Going to have to talk to the new boss about that or I'm going to go stir crazy!
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
I got half a sock knit yesterday during training. Have to love meetings! Not sure what today's training holds, so don't know if I'll get to knit or not.
alcariel has 1 weeks ago
new hire orientation this week. Need to get my butt in gear and feed the babies before I have to leave!
alcariel has 1 weeks ago
work night #3 ahead of me. Hubby is out getting Five Guys and Coldstone for dinner.
alcariel says 2 weeks ago
Guardians of the Galaxy was great! Babies did well with my cousins watching them and it was nice to have a little time out alone with the hubby.
alcariel is 2 weeks ago
getting ready for a date night with hubby. Finally seeing Guardians of the Galaxy!
alcariel says 2 weeks ago
10 months old!
alcariel says 3 weeks ago
Flipping back to a night shift schedule is definitely getting me more knitting and spinning time!