alcariel feels Yesterday
like today was productive. I finished wrapping all the cartels I made, baked one of the four cookies I'm making this year, and made a batch of caramel crispix mix. Plus the twins and I visited Daddy at work!
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
Twins' one-year check-ups and vaccinations are done (yes, I'm a little behind), and they're down for naps. Time for mommy to sleep!
alcariel asks 1 weeks ago
Anyone want to help me unpack/organize/baby wrangle? I need to get this house in order!
alcariel says 2 weeks ago
we have the house!!!! Now to get everything out of the apartment by Saturday.
alcariel is 3 weeks ago
making another rum pie since hubby requested one for his birthday tomorrow.
alcariel says 3 weeks ago
As long as I'm awake, I might as well put the heels in my SIL's socks for her Christmas present.
alcariel says 3 weeks ago
I am not amused!
alcariel says 4 weeks ago
the twins are down for the night, I've scrubbed inside of the oven clean, and now it's time for Phoebe snuggles and knitting!
alcariel wishes 4 weeks ago
I could get more than two hours of sleep. Wide awake with a headache now. Bring on the coffee, knitting, and Agents of SHIELD on Netflix!
alcariel says 1 months ago
Evidently my body has decided that 3 hours of sleep is plenty thankyouverymuch. That's going to make today super fun!