alcariel says 7 hours ago
How is it only 12:15?!? This fourth night of work is never-ending!!
alcariel says Yesterday
the good thing about not sleeping is that I was able to finish the third ply of my CMF We Are the Champions. Plying will be Monday after I sleep.
alcariel feels Yesterday
like sleep is my enemy today. Hoping I can get a few more hours before night 3 of 4.
alcariel feels 3 days ago
a little bit unwanted. Coworkers are planning a night out next weekend and asked everyone else if they could go right in front of me but didn't ask me.
alcariel says 4 days ago
I'm almost done with my third ply of We Are the Champions, but I'm all spun out for the day. Rather than try to rush through, I'm putting it down and moving to something else.
alcariel says 5 days ago
today is hubby's first day off in 21 days. Trying to let him sleep as long as he can. Not sure how much longer he can keep doing two people's work.
alcariel says 5 days ago
Episode 192 - Monogamous Knitter? is ready for viewing!
alcariel says 6 days ago
Good morning everyone! Catching up on tv shows and podcasts while knitting and spinning.
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
babies are down for their morning "naps" (nap is a very loose term around here...I can still hear them talking), so I'm trying to get some stuff done around the house.
alcariel says 1 weeks ago
First night at work where the house supervisor (me) doesn't take any patients. It's only 12:15 and I'm going stir crazy!!