alcariel says Hiro is done!
1 weeks ago 24 responses
alcariel says Knitting on Hiro is done! Working on weaving in ends now!
1 weeks ago 6 responses
alcariel says Dress is altered, babies and I are fed. Here's hoping they let me get some knitting done on my Hiro now. I don't have much left!
1 weeks ago 4 responses
alcariel needs to take in the dress I bought for a wedding we're going to tomorrow, then I can finish my Hiro tonight.
1 weeks ago 1 response
alcariel says New roof is on, but they didn't replace the downspouts and the huge dumpster is still sitting in our driveway blocking me in. How do they expect me to pay them if I can't get to work?!
2 weeks ago 3 responses
alcariel is going to try to catch a nap before the roofers get here.
2 weeks ago 2 responses
alcariel has paid bills, watched Desolation of Smaug with the hubby, knit on the neck of my Hiro, and now to work on a friends' wedding gift for this weekend.
2 weeks ago 3 responses
alcariel has three nights of work ahead of me. Hubby is sick with a cold and will be home alone with the twins while I'm at work. I'm already tempted to call in on Sunday to take care of all of them.
2 weeks ago 5 responses
alcariel is up early with the twins. Meatloaf and potatoes baking in the oven so they'll be ready when hubby gets up for work. Now to work on Hiro some more.
3 weeks ago 4 responses