acoleman says 6 months ago
so technically Plurk isn't blocked at my school... but the log-in page is blocked due to "suspected phishing"?! So I can see my page, I just can't log in.
acoleman asks 7 months ago
anyone having problems with Mavericks on their mac? I updated my school computer and it has crashed six times in the past few days. Right in the middle of lessons too!
acoleman shares 7 months ago
If you do any animation, check out this awesome explanation: How Computers Draw Bezier Curves
acoleman 8 months ago
Anyone know how to get rid of the Chinese characters on my Plurk box? Instead of "asks", I see some unknown character.
acoleman 分享 8 months ago
Poverty is devastating, but when comparing students in poverty, our students outperform every other nation. We need to do more, but is it hopeful? A poverty, not education, crisis in U.S.: Column
acoleman says 9 months ago
First day with students done! We do all eight classes (45 minutes each) and everyone has the same lunch (800+ students) for 45 minutes. Chaos!
acoleman says 11 months ago
last day! (other than the four days of conferences next week). I can almost taste summer...
acoleman says 12 months ago
One more week... I can do this. Just one more week.
acoleman says 1 years ago
anyone playing around with bitcoins? I just started with a little money to learn more about it. It's pretty cool!
acoleman shares 1 years ago
I've been using Udemy to learn HTML, CSS, Java, and Python. I had come across a deal on Lifehacker that gave me 8 different courses for $15!