acoleman says hanging out at UCET - we had some great keynote speakers. Both Canadian! (and friends, although they insist that all Canadians don't know each other)
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acoleman shares Moovly is spreading through our school like wild fire! I taught a few teachers, then used it in my class, & now it is being used all over and our next PD is how to use it! Check it out!
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acoleman shares
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acoleman shares If you haven't played around with Moovly yet, give it a try. It is a blast!
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acoleman shares so Scratch is now browser-based? That is great news for those of us who have to jump through incredible hoops to get software downloaded to our student machines!
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acoleman says anyone coding today for the "hour of code"?
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acoleman says it's -7 degrees right now but we're supposed to warm all the way up to 5 degrees today! My classroom doesn't feel much warmer so far this morning!
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acoleman says only 4 out of 33 absent today during 1st period the day before a three-day break. Usually I would have 8-10 missing!
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acoleman shares has anyone tried Google Helpouts? Both for learning and maybe for making a little extra money helping others out
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