abeam asks who uses simplek12.com and if you do what do you think of it?
3 months ago 2 responses
abeam shares checking for understanding strategy. Use paint strips. http://images.plurk.com/djXT-36EMgq70MjgOkNyrWDB8Oh.jpg Have students/staff write, use a paper click or simply point if they understand a concept you just taught.
8 months ago 0 responses
abeam asks yes, I've been lost. Does anyone know much about Edu20
1 years ago 2 responses
abeam asks how my friends in Plurkland are doing?
2 years ago 19 responses
abeam says Say hello to a group of teachers at Shawnee Heights
2 years ago 10 responses
abeam asks great tools and tech ideas for K - 12 dog and pony show. I need to hear all the great new websites and tech tools that I could show off
2 years ago 18 responses
abeam asks Ok folks ... I have to do a training on NEW websites. Who has something? Thanks in advance.
2 years ago 10 responses
abeam asks ok my fellow plurkers I've been gone for almost 6 months. Tell me please share with me any new websites you all found. Missed you all.
2 years ago 10 responses