Zanya Well, thunderstorms rolling in and now we have a skunk wandering around the parking lot.
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Zanya "I love that Aang’s favorite fighting style is nooooooope."
Somewhere Only We Know...
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Zanya So, finished Arkham Asylum, AND found ALL the Riddler's crap (without cheating, I might add). Kinda liking the challenge modes. Ready for Arkham City soon. (muscle)
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Zanya Regarding #LegendOfKorra Season 3.
Apology accepted, guys. This totally makes up for Season 2, and possibly then some.
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Zanya So I saw Rise and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes today. I was told both were very good movies, and yet they still exceeded my expectations. It's so very rare these days that a movie genuinely impresses me.
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Zanya shares (dance)
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Zanya Steam has Dishonored and all DLC for 66% off today! (woot)
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