Zanya 18 hours ago
Watch as Ice Bucket Challenge goes badly wrong for woman on horse...
She volunteered for the Ice Bucket Challenge. Sadly, she forgot to ask if the horse was okay with it.
Zanya 2 days ago
Karma plurk, nothing to see here.
Zanya 3 days ago
So, guess who stepped on the scale today and found out she lost 7 pounds in one week. (muhaha)
Zanya 3 days ago
Women as Background Decoration: Part 2 - Tropes vs W...Trigger Warning: Graphic Depictions of sexual violence against women from numerous games.
Zanya 5 days ago
Finished watching first ep of Capaldi's #DoctorWho
I'm very torn. Some parts of the ep had me saying, "Wow! That's kinda brilliant!", and others, "Wow! That's fucking STUPID!!!"
Zanya 5 days ago
So apparently someone took the expression, "Just glue some gears on it!" as a suggestion for the new #DoctorWho opening. O_o