Zuffie Boy Tom Ford opened his 2nd store in Paris a few days ago... and paris is raining and raining... boo.
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Zuffie Boy Girl: etes-vous asiatique?
Me: oui, de singapour
Girl: vous etes beau, une photo s'il vous plait?
Me: .......
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Zuffie Boy RL Pic i took yesterday while walking along the river [http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8076/8266509108_8981237944_t.jpg]
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Zuffie Boy Oh i forgot to mention that all emails has been/will be sent to my email are auto forwarded to my staff since i won't be checking my mail often. Happy Holidays everyone (cozy)
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Zuffie Boy 14 hours on the plane. What should i do?
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ciel{ 天 }este Biiig congratulations to L'Homme and ZacharyZufreur on one whole year of top quality male fashion publication!! <333 [http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8337/8231739706_37fb041e52_t.jpg](Click through for L'Homme 1 Year Anniversary edition!)
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