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[] Uber! Our Chalkboard Bar comes with wall-mount or standalone double models, shelf props, neon signs, metal barstools in 10 colors, PG and Adult versions available!
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[] Collabor88 April! Fun Shipping Crate Studios with 5 finishes included, skylight windows, stringlights, exterior lights, patio, rooftop garden with plants, only $L88 for the 5pack!
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[] FaMESHed April - the Enfield Living Room set features classic tufted tailoring, tasteful color/texture options, leathertop tables, storage trunks, wall art & more! AO Maps too!
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I just accidentally sent out the Rivershire Waterwheel house instead of the Rivershire Chair update to everyone that bought the chair Happy Friday the 13th everyone!
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[] More C88! Audrey's Chair and Audrey's Table, classic style for a classic beauty - we include 7 colors + AO map for the chair and 3 finishes for the table, all at low C88 prices!
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Trompe Loeil shares 1 months ago
Arch Hammock Bed & More for FaMESHed March FaMESHed March! Modern style with our Arch Hammock Bed, Midge Chairs, Dutch Modern Lamps and Staircase Chests, with tons of texture options and AO Maps included!
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Shotgun Shacks for The Arcade March! Here's the gatcha key, only $L25 per play, more promo images coming soon []
Trompe Loeil 2 months ago
When someone IMs me about another designer that made their own version of a piece of furniture that we also made, I'm never sure what they expect me to do about it
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Update for the new Amelia Loveseat going out now - we added two leather texture versions in addition to the white fabric version, an even bigger bargain at the same low C88 price <3