C. Edo shares dear wonderful customers and friends, I am back home from a successful surgery, I should be up for answering offlines/NCs by tomorrow. TY all for the well wishes!
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C. Edo shares Dear wonderful customers, I will be AFK for the next few days and probably not active in SL until next week, if there are any issues please leave me a notecard and I will respond back ASAP
1 weeks ago 40 responses
C. Edo shares New and overdue! Hyde Park Landscaping Pack - our familiar outdoor pillars, walls and lamp now available for your own builds! Only $L150 and only at the Mainstore and on the MP Hyde Park Landscaping Pack available at the Mainstore & MarketplaceHyde Park Landscaping Pack available at the Mainstor...
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C. Edo AM Radio: The Banksy of Second Life amazing article, loving it, great comments too for once
2 weeks ago 6 responses
C. Edo check out these AMAZING paper birds, so lifelike : : PINE : :
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C. Edo shares C88 pt 2: Rivershire Chair, incl. 4 leather colors & 4 pillow textures + pillow AO map to make your own, PG single/couples animations, only $L88!
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C. Edo shares Rivershire Waterwheel for Collabor88 JulyRivershire Waterwheel for Collabor88 July C88 at midnight - the Rivershire Waterwheel! Gorgeous rustic single room + loft build with decorative hillside, waterfall + anim. water effects, spinning waterwheel, patio, lights, more!
2 weeks ago 37 responses