C. Edo Yesterday
FYI! because our awesome customers are always on the lookout on our behalf and we appreciate it - there's a full perm bed on the MP that looks a lot like our Roanna bed, but it is in fact a different model
C. Edo 1 weeks ago
today I've had both a multi-line IM calling me a liar for a $L88 refund I actually gave and they didn't check that they received before flipping their lid, and a request for a working blender file for a prefab
C. Edo 1 weeks ago
I just got my first new PC in almost 5 years and I'm running full graphics, shadows, 256 draw distance, 8x antialias, its smooth as glass I am in love
C. Edo 1 weeks ago
the Attic Skybox has a wall that is reverting on the physics - copies already rezzed inworld are fine, copies you rez now will be broken, I've fixed/taken into inventory/rezzed again and it breaks on rez
C. Edo 1 weeks ago
just got the Arcade December invite, get ready for year 3 of our Advent Calendar Gatcha
Barnes shares 1 weeks ago
i just realized my in world subscriber never sent out my sept c88 notice, so i put the house back up at my shop for $188 this weekend incase people missed it and wanted the deal
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C. Edo shares 1 weeks ago
Attic Skybox and Wingback Chairs for Collabor88 OctoberAttic Skybox and Wingback Chairs for Collabor88 Octo... RP C88 now with blog post - Attic Skybox and Wingback Chairs
C. Edo shares 2 weeks ago
Attic Skybox demo is also set up at the Trompe mainstore if you want to see it but can't get into C88 yet: Second Life Maps | Hyde Park
C. Edo shares 2 weeks ago
[https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5599/15287478909_fa48e39383_o.png] The Attic Skybox for Collabor88! 3 rooms, 3 fireplaces, candles + burning logs both included, plus optional surround w/sparkling trees/night horizon/moving clouds, lots of detail!