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Arch Hammock Bed & More for FaMESHed March FaMESHed March! Modern style with our Arch Hammock Bed, Midge Chairs, Dutch Modern Lamps and Staircase Chests, with tons of texture options and AO Maps included!
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Shotgun Shacks for The Arcade March! Here's the gatcha key, only $L25 per play, more promo images coming soon []
Trompe Loeil 2 weeks ago
When someone IMs me about another designer that made their own version of a piece of furniture that we also made, I'm never sure what they expect me to do about it
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Update for the new Amelia Loveseat going out now - we added two leather texture versions in addition to the white fabric version, an even bigger bargain at the same low C88 price <3
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for everyone that asked about a shotgun shack mesh remake: guess what March's Arcade round will be featuring from Trompe Loeil
Trompe Loeil 3 weeks ago
just set my plurk to private, I figure 650 of my friends can let the people who were fans know and I apologize for the abrupt vanishing act
Trompe Loeil 3 weeks ago
stefandetoifrench75 Janu is apparently telling event organizers that he is a co-creator for Trompe Loeil as a way of legitimizing what he's presenting as his work. 100% wrong, he's a liar
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[] C88 February - our Amelia Cabin is an adorable single-room studio loft build, only 55 LI, perfect for your artist retreat in the hills or on the water - only $L88!
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Raleigh Wedding Set for FaMESHed February RP for blog post - the Raleigh Wedding Set at FaMESHed February! Swing by during your snow day and warm up with a nice brisk decorating session
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[] The Raleigh Wedding Set for FaMESHed February! Opening at midnight, we've included all the AO maps to make customization super easy! Buy your favorites or save big with the set!