Firestorm Vwr 1 weeks ago
Here's a feature highlight for the day for you: the Visual Outfit Browser, originally developed by Linden Lab for their official viewer. It's been in Firestorm since our 5.0.1 release.
Firestorm Vwr 2 months ago
Thank you, Linden Lab, for helping us with our download swamp, as well:
Second Life Status - Newest Firestorm Viewer Download Issues
Firestorm Vwr 2 months ago
We have gotten official mirror links up for those having trouble downloading the new Firestorm from our site. Please see here:
Firestorm 5.0.1
Inara_Pey shares 2 months ago
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Firestorm Vwr 2 months ago
So the good news is, this is the most popular new release we've ever had. The bad news is, it's the most popular new release we've ever had.
Firestorm Vwr 2 months ago
Hi everyone! If you have been using a Firestorm Bento alpha, please note that you'll need to be on the most recent version (the one made available Nov. 21).
Firestorm Vwr 3 months ago
Calling those who would like to bug-test Firestorm with Bento! We have issued an alpha to our inworld Phoenix-Firestorm Preview Group.
Firestorm Vwr 4 months ago
Just a random "Did you know" for the day. Did you know you can access all your group titles in one list and change your tag from there without shuffling through groups?
Firestorm Vwr 6 months ago
New viewer release!