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There's a new release out, 4.7.3! Please read our latest blog post for a rundown of the pros and cons.
Firestorm Viewer – The Phoenix Firestorm Project Inc.
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important information for Marketplace merchants concerning LL's rollout of Viewer-Managed Marketplace and Firestorm's readiness.
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Check out our blog for an update on the next release and our search for UI translators with a long-term commitment and proficiency with xml editing: Firestorm Viewer – The Phoenix Firestorm Project Inc.
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a new release out. Please read about it here:
Firestorm Major Update « Firestorm Viewer ̵...
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TIP thing: [] in Firestorm, if you're dancing with others and go out of sync, do Ctrl+S or World menu > Resync Animations
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this week's video for Tool Tip Tuesday:
Tool Tip Tuesday – Settings & Backups in Slo Mo. «...