Corgsgiving 3 hours ago
I am on the verge of raging tears of frustration here - Tillie, other WoWfriends, maybe one of you can help? I cannot find a single lousy Shadow Sporebat to save my life.
Corgsgiving Yesterday
Embarrassing moment - a WoWfriend just got the firehorse mount to drop in Karazhan after 241 tries, she said.
Λ N U B I S Yesterday
Y'all, sign this petition to help reverse a moronic ban on pit bulls & rottweilers in Moreauville, Louisiana. They are going to 'confiscate and euthanize' ALL of them as of Dec 1. Sign the petition: Save Zeus
Searra Yesterday
An interesting take on the origin of Wonder Woman, and why the movie is likely to be so much less than it could be.
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Λ N U B I S 2 days ago
Relaxation time... sync your breathing with this and take a few minutes to relax. []
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