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Missus Fogwoman understands well the deadliness of ... the LABRATAIL.
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Africa, you are being the boring.

Searra 10 hours ago
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I think SeleneSue might like this story - a lot of my timeline will post particularly interesting dreams, but this one crosses a line, a bit.
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bunches of things she's accumulated over the past few weeks.
Bat Family Matters, an essay
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Girl Genius page for Wednesday, 29 June
#girlgenius #graphicnovel #steampunk #gaslampfantasy #parisunderground #whataretheyupto
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Tanarian says 2 days ago
You know that Google Images game where a group of similar pictures are displayed, like "corgi or bread loaf"? Well, I have an audio one for you.
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Corgi 3 days ago
Tomassa has a good handful more pets.
Tanarian wonders 3 days ago
out loud, hoping some nursely sort of person might be inclined to answer, about whether intravenous caffeine is actually possible (no, it's not asking for myself, and it's in the abstract honest).
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