Corgi Yesterday
Best tweet of the day: At that conference that dumped the Milo creature, somebody passed out little flags for people to wave at 45. Of course his name was stamped on them in gold, but...
Max Graf 2 days ago
Resist, as they storm and rage and try to divide and ruin the world. The elections are coming, which is how we make them stop.
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Corgi 2 days ago
A hidden tidbit for Black History Month:
The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot
Corgi 4 days ago
Corgi 4 days ago
Does anybody who has time RIGHT NOW (11:38 servertime) want to run some HotS for the Warcraft and HotS mounts?
Corgi 4 days ago
Last day of a holiday is a sucky time to have an unexpectedly extended maintenance.
Corgi 5 days ago