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Just need 13 more, and a buncha snowflakes....
SirenBlood says 14 hours ago
Just a heads up. Voting for the 2014 Preditors and editors readers' Poll should start up Christmas Eve. Right now, the page still shows last year's poll, but as soon as the new one opens, look for Black Venom
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OCorgiTree... Yesterday
Kamilahhauptmann, any tips for fighting Ner'zhul at the Edge of Reality?
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Girl Genius page for Monday, 15 December
#girlgenius #graphicnovel #steampunk #gaslampfantasy #scumbagprince
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Max Graf 4 days ago
SPACE! Tonight is supposed to be a very good showing of the Geminid meteor shower, so look up!
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Searra 5 days ago
In case anyone missed that Smaug was on the Colbert Report yesterday.
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кαвυкι мαѕк says 6 days ago
HANUKKAH PLURK V2.0 in hopes of not breaking everyone's computer, i am halting replies on this & the old plurk (1000+ comments jfc), c&ping things in to this one, and making a few comments for posterity!
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Gee, that was only slightly humiliating.