Corgi 2 days ago
Anybody want to run Black Morass with meeeee? (Not Timewalker, I'm just doing it for rep.) Overlevel makes it pretty fast, but the running back and forth, oy!
Ceejay Writer says 2 days ago
Stumbled over an article that may seem trite, but it addresses a habit VERY common to roleplay writers. Editing and Writing: Avoiding "as" and "-ing"
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Tanarian shares 3 days ago

Girl Genius page for Friday, 26 June
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Wörds 4 days ago
CLEANING SALE - 90s toys, beanie babies, VHS tapes, Sailor Moon, DBZ, Harry Potter, Pokemon, misc craft kits and other here! Please replurk; I'm temporarily public again
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Tanarian shares 5 days ago

Girl Genius page for Wednesday, 24 June
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Corgi shares 5 days ago
Got the Pet Mirror. Guess what I did?

Incidentally, 6581.
Ƀɍɨɇ 6 days ago
Hi being a pain if you havent signed this could you please? It would help keep UPS drivers in this state safe and hopefully it will spread to other places United Parcel Service, Arizona Governor, Arizona State Senate: Re...
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Corgi shares 6 days ago

Every. Single. Fen. Crab. Two explanations: I'm being unholy lucky, or it's a bug. No, three: It's a moderately pathetic 'gimme'.
Tanarian shares 6 days ago

Girl Genius page for Monday, 22 June
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