Corgi 3 hours ago
headdesks My little fan has died, very quietly. I really need somebody handy to help me fix these things.
Corgi 11 hours ago
YAYYYYY, I finally got a Maren to drop in the Coli! It's a Warrior (the brown-skinned male) -- would anyone like him? Friends only need to pay a pittance.
Corgi 20 hours ago
I ran across this by happenstance and thought it was something dimobeornssen, GarlicMyfi and/or dennykozlov might enjoy:
Otokoyaku Keep Swinging[I'm fascinated by their kinesthetics!]
Corgi 21 hours ago
Meant to Plurk this earlier and got distracted by DAWGZ. Noisy, hungry dogs.
24600 - and now I need more stormchops.
Corgi 22 hours ago
Something for ashavah and a few others:
Corgi Yesterday
I just found out about SaveTube. Finally!