Corgi 2 days ago
I am ever so tired of collecting Elders' coins. I don't care if it means 'free' heirloom upgrades at this point.
Tanarian shares 2 days ago

Girl Genius page for Friday, 5 February
#girlgenius #graphicnovel #steampunk #gaslampfantasy #parisunderground
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Corgi 3 days ago
On the Dreamwidth Big Plurk Fix, here is a tidied-up layout in two versions, one w/ a big userpicture. Thanks, ashavah!
Corgi 3 days ago
A portion of conversation in Looking For Group:
Tanarian shares 3 days ago
The Shoe that Grows - how to ensure poor children are shod for five years.
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Corgi 4 days ago
Oh, NOW mine has gone all odd. Alas for reloading.
Liquid 4 days ago
Adjusting plurk timeline height with CSS
#timeline_holder {
height: 500px !important;
margin-top: -4px;
Adjust the pixels to suit yourself. (& other tricks in thread lol)
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