Ruff 10 months ago
If you've got my number, you can use that. If you don't, tough shit. Adios.
Ruff 10 months ago
"You're wrong, Ruff, and here's a good reason why, backed up by logic and not just based on my knee-jerk emotional response." -- No one, ever
Ruff 10 months ago
Awesome things about workings at a coffee company, #226: Even taking out the trash smells good.
Ruff is 10 months ago
ordering Jimmy John's for lunch at the new job today. Because irony.
Ruff 10 months ago
So the company here has a brand called Jungle Love. I'm disappointed the stock numbers don't start with OEOEO.
Ruff shares 10 months ago
Pornhub comments on Stock Photos: The latest non-craze not sweeping the nation! (But it's funny as fuck, and probably NSFW.)
Ruff 10 months ago
Dear anyone who dressed up in a Guy Fawkes mask today: Nobody gives a shit.
Ruff 10 months ago
Free coffee and smoothies here, and the owner has the same first name as me so he likes me already. Winning.
Ruff 11 months ago
First day was a success. I'm already glad I left JJ's for this place.