Neverher 5 hours ago
In honor of the approaching elections - Politics n Texas
Neverher 6 hours ago
[Cat Update] G.D. is out of seclusion, and doing the happy chatty thing. Tippi is growling at him and generally wants nothing to do with him.
Neverher 18 hours ago
[writing] Beta alert; Nadine has been talking.
Neverher Yesterday
awake far too early again. G.D. has eaten just a little overnight, and is supposed to have the catheter removed today.
Neverher 2 days ago
Cat Update: G.D. was feeling well enough to swear at me during the drive over to the vet. Tippi is being very affectionate this morning.
Neverher 2 days ago
Cat update: G.D. is catheterized and coned, and sequestered in the hall WC. Tippi is sitting outside the WC door telling me to let him out. He goes back tomorrow for more IV fluids and monitoring.
Neverher 3 days ago
Cats are at the vet - Tippi for the usual shots and such, G. D. for whatever has made him want to hide and not eat.